Cave Club Dino Rockin’ party Bashley and Emberly dolls

Cave Club Dino Rockin' party : Bashley and Emberly - Where to buy? How much is the price? Realise date

Meet new cool release in Cave Club! This collection contains Dino Rockin’ party collection – 2 festive party dolls of Bashley and Emberly. Both dolls comes with new colorful hairstyles and party dresses. Super cute addition is a scrunchy that can be used as an accessory for the doll or for your hair.. You can collect them all for an adorable time spending with your friends! So, don’t miss this the most expectable event!

Each has an amasing accesories color surprise.


Starting price is with $ 6,99

Release date:

July, 2021

Where to Buy?

You can buy it on Amazon, Target, Walmart and other US online stores.

Short Details:

Age: 4+
Gender: Female
Size: 27 cm (12 inches)
Regular price: $ 6.99
Start of sales:July , 2021
Where to Buy?Amazon, Target, Walmart

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