New Bratz dolls. Fall 2022 Line-Up 

Bratz new doll 2022

At least 8 new sets of Bratz dolls will arrive this fall. Each novelty has several dolls. Although the Bratz new items will go on sale this fall, we already know their prices and names. In addition, we have pictures of some of the new dolls. It will be interesting!

Strut it! Repro

Bratz Strut it! Repro

This series includes 4 dolls: Cloe, Jade, Sasha, Yasmin. They are dressed in retro outfits and have the same hair and makeup. Dedicated to all connoisseurs of retro style.

Price: $26.99

Boyz Repro

Bratz Boyz Repro

In this series, you can only buy 1 boy. His name is Dylan. He looks very stylish. His bright outfit can be seen from afar.

Price: $26.99

Girls nite out! Repro

Bratz Girls nite out! Repro

Another amazing repro series of Bratz dolls. In this series you will see 5 new dolls: Dana, Sasha, Jade, Yasmin, Cloe. All dolls have a bright, eye-catching outfit. Each doll has a unique hairstyle.

Price: $36.99

Tokyo collector repro

Bratz Tokyo collector repro

Beautiful doll in Japanese style. This is a unique and stylized doll with lots of accessories. Her name is Kumi.

Price: $79.99

Designer C and M

Bratz Designe C and M

We present to your attention two designer styles of dolls. Each style includes two dolls. Unfortunately, we do not yet know their names and what they look like, but we are waiting for this information soon. *Most likely cult gaia collab

Price: $60.99

Designer P 2-pack

Bratz Designer P 2-pack

Two more more expensive dolls that are part of the Designer series, codenamed “P”. Release during pride month.

Price: $79.99

20th Anniversary

Bratz 20th Anniversary

Cloe and jade still exists. We just don’t know if they canceled them and are now part of designer C or M… Or if these 2 dolls are still happening as a separate release

Price: $60.99

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