L.O.L. Surprise! Style Suitcase: Boss Queen, Cherry, As if Baby and D.J. (Light Up and Sound)

L.O.L. Surprise! Style Suitcase buy on Amazon now

This summer will be very hot! Lol Surprise launched a new series of toys – Style Suitcase. These play set include more than 15 surprises, as well as an exclusive doll. Like the previous two novelties: OMG Dolls and Furniture Pack – Style Suitcase will have 4 characters:

  • Boss Queen
  • Cherry
  • As if Baby
  • D.J.

Such packaging and unpacking you have not seen! Now, your doll and surprises will be hidden in a suitcase. New unpacking is always fun and interesting. Since you do not know what you get this time! Each Style suitcase has its own color: pink, blue, golden, violet-pink.

A new doll and more than 15 suprises are already ready to replenish your amazing collection or become a long-awaited gift for Christmas / New Year 2020.

Unbox 15+Surprises:

  • Mix & match outfits
  • shoes
  • accessories.
  • Lights & Soinds
  • Sticker Sheets
  • Doll passport
  • and More

The main feature of these suitcases is that they are Interactive! Large abundance of clothes and accessories will allow you to dress the doll in different styles. But do not hurry rejoice! The doll herself will say whether she liked the outfit or not. Light and sound effects will show you the real feelings, emotions and delight of the doll.

The suitcase looks very realistic. It even has handles and wheels for transportation to any place convenient to you. To uniquely suitcase there are 2 sheets with stickers. Also, please note that the doll is not removed.

What is included in the LOL Style Suitcase Playset?

As we said earlier – each set is an interesting unpacking. Opening the suitcase you will find 15+ surprises and one unique doll. Let’s find out what you get:

  • Stylish, interactive suitcase.
  • Exclusive doll.
  • 2 sheets of stickers to customize the suitcase.
  • LOL passport
  • Fashionable glasses
  • 6 pairs of different outfits: from the dress to the skirts and T-shirts.
  • and other

Release date & Buy It Now:

Finally, the famous official release date for “dolls in a suitcase” became July 20, 2019. Although, on Amazon it is indicated that they appeared in stock on July 21 or 22. Therefore, now you can order a novelty on Amazon.


Following the release date, official information on the price of the doll also appeared – it is $ 19.99

Short Description:

Age: 6+
Gender: Female
Size: 3.5 x 4 x 7 inches
Regular price: ~$19.99
Start of sales:Jully 20
Where to Buy?Amazon, Target, Walmart
Item Code: 560418, 560425,
Characters:4 (Boss Queen, Cherry, As if Baby, D.J.)
Item Weight 300 grams (10.7 ounces)

Video Demonstration:

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