LOL Surprise Spring Bling Limited Edition series. First Full Video Review

LOL Surprise Spring Bling

Each fan LOL Surprise toys well aware of the upcoming series of toys from MGA. The new series is a limited edition and in the collection of only 2 characters: Hops & Hops Kit Tea.

LOL Surprise Spring Bling

Features LOL Surprise Spring Bling

  • Limited Edition

Given a series of toys will be sold in a limited edition. That is, you can buy it, but you need to hurry because the quantity is limited.

  • Characters

In this series of toys there are only two characters: a doll by the name Hops and a pet Hops Kit Tea. In addition, the package clearly indicates what exactly you get in the set, so, these are not surprise dolls, but exactly the specified characters

  • Appearance

The doll and pet have a unique look – in the Easter style.

  • Equipment

Inside this set you will have 15 surprises

Release Date & Price

About the release date of these toys on the sales market, there were many different versions and guesses. But finally, the manufacturer announced the official date – March 8th. You can buy one of two unique dolls in the series LOL Surprise Spring Bling on March 8th on the Amazon platform for the link. Just a few days and you can give your daughter the best gift for Women’s Day.

The price for one doll is $9:99 for the Hops Doll & the same price $9:99 for the Hops Kit Tea.

Full Video Review LOL Spring Bling

Here is the first video with a full review and information regarding these toys. How many gifts are inside? What gifts are inside? And most importantly, how these cute and attractive toys look like alive. You will see all this in the video and much more.

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