Barbie Dreamplane – we flew! Overview of the playset

This toy was created in order to amaze the imagination: with it you can dream like it was impossible to dream before.

Barbie Dreamplane

In 2019, we have several such striking large game kits from different manufacturers. Among the largest representatives of such extra-class toys (the main dream toys for the New Year and Christmas) are the LOL Surprise camper, the palace from the “Frozen Heart”, and this Barbie plane (as well as the house for Barbie).

Which one to choose is a really difficult question. As fans of the classics and lovers of pink, we are closest to everything connected with Barbie. Because these kits are perfect not only for Barbie, but also for the Enchantimal, as well as for Monster High and Ever After High, and for any other toys in your home. Their quality has been tested for decades. And when you buy an expensive thing, to be sure of quality and durability is important.

Barbie Dreamplane rewiew

Therefore, we are preparing for a great trip with Barbie!

This aircraft can perform many functions: it is clear that this is an airplane (and this is the most interesting!). But you can also roll it like a car, imagine its interior as a mini-restaurant or a room at home (you can put the dolls on the folding chairs), use it to store accessories for Barbie, etc.

You can be a pilot, a travel agent, flight attendant or passenger, or even an auto mechanic, a set allows to realize a lot of different roles. It’s really versatile toy that is suitable for virtually any toys in your home.

Opening the plane, we will see inside the details, stickers:

Barbie Dreamplane unpacking

You will need to install the tail and the turbine (these parts are snapped firmly Durable – so that the plane becomes one.)

Barbie Dreamplane buy

Where to stick the stickers is shown in detail in the instructions. All stickers are numbered, so it is impossible to make a mistake.

Inside, everything is very realistic: on chairs seatbacks even printed television screens (this sticker, which you will paste your own). And the food on the trays are also stickers:

The helm is spinning (this is the first thing we wanted to try!). The wheels rotate, so that the plane rides well throughout the house. The helm even has doll arm mounts:

Barbie Dreamplane new playset 2020

The seats slide forward and backward, making it easier to fit the dolls. Dolls sit with legs stretched forward, so you do not have to search for dolls to bend your knees, the aircraft is suitable for any Barbie dolls.

The interior of the aircraft is very spacious, so playing here is really convenient. The plane does not require assembly: the child does not have to wait until you assemble the toy (which, in our experience, is always a disappointment at a holiday).

He is HUGE!

Barbie Dreamplane big packing

This plane is more than you think. Two or three children can play with him at the same time. Box size is of surprise, even for an adult! The wings fold, so during storage this toy, although massive, is still not so wide.

Behind the plane has hinged door for easy unloading of luggage:

Who is flying?

Of course, the traveler Daisy can fly on this plane: she already has her suitcase packed! She is the first in line. The plane has 3 seats: 2 passenger seats and a pilot’s seat.


The chairs are amazingly thought out: they move along the “rails”, rotate, the dolls can fly forward or backward. Safety belts are functional and suitable for dolls of any complexion.

Seats recline chairs in the supine position.

Front can be attached table, which is ideally located tray. Back seat can fully recline.

Many additional accessories!

On board there is everything you need for a comfortable flight. The roof can be raised, the lateral part of the housing is opened. Things can be folded into special compartments for luggage, and dolls can be seated in comfortable chairs with safety belts. Gourmet dishes are also included in the package: you can have a bite or tilt the seatback to relax.

This set contains almost two dozen additional accessories – a suitcase, a bag, 2 blankets, headphones, a trolley with shelves, 2 food trays, a sleep mask, a magazine, a puppy figurine, a bone, snacks, a glass, a bottle, a can with a drink …


Barbie never leaves her pets, travels with them. Therefore, the figure of a companion puppy is included in this game set. And he will be friends with a kitten from a set of Barbie travelers!

Barbie Dreamplane puppy

The puppy is placed in a handbag that any doll can easily take with it:


Barbie Dreamplane playset

Although Barbie had already left the plane earlier, but it was different. This one is designed better, more interesting, it has more details. This is a very beautiful updated set.

Price and Where to Buy?

The regular price for Barbie Plane is 74.99. Now it can be bought at a discount for $ 59.00 (November 10, 2019). You can buy both in Amazon and Target, as well as in other stores.

Watch the video

All details of the kit are presented in detail in the reviews:

Short info:

Age: 3+
Gender: Female
Size: 23 х 9,5 х 11 inches
Regular price:$74.99
Start of sales:July, 2019.
Where to Buy?Amazon, Walmart, Target
Item Weight 7.25 pounds
Item model number GDG76

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