Kindi Kids Dolls 2020. Release Date New Dolls: Mysta Bella & Cindy Pops series 2

We are glad to inform you that the company Kindi Kids plans to release a new series of its charming dolls. And it will happen very soon. In the meantime, let’s recall the features of these dolls, as well as find out interesting facts about the upcoming Kindi Kids series 2.

Features Kindi Kids Dolls

  • The size

These dolls are really big in size. The height of one doll is 31 cm. Accessories are also large, so you can not worry about the small details and safety of your child.

  • Appearance

The dolls are very beautiful and cute. You just look at these huge and shiny eyes. The hair of these dolls is also extraordinary. Very beautiful and colorful. In addition, the head and hands of these dolls are mobile.

  • Interactive dolls

It is especially notice, that Kindi Kids are interactive dolls. The doll will interact with its accessories. Each doll has its own accessories that respond differently to touching the doll.

New Kindi Kids Dolls series 2

In the new Kindi Kids series 2 you are waiting for 2 dolls. Their names Mysta Bella & Cindy Pops. Of course, each doll in the series Kindi Kids is special and Mysta Bella and Cindy Pop is no exception.

Each doll has a unique appearance and of course a secret ability. What accessory will interact with the doll and how exactly? You will soon find out all this.

Kindi Kids Mysta Bella Dolls series 2

Here is what said about this doll.

MystaBella has stars in her eyes and on her shoes. This Kindi Kids has already following her dreams. Although her dreams are pretty wild – like being a Unicorn Princess! But if that job falls through there is always something else creative to do like acting, singing or painting! Life is great when you create.

Especially we noticed is the appearance of this doll: multi-colored hair, huge purple eyes and of course a unicorn hoop

Features Kindi Kids Mysta Bella Dolls:

  • head bobbles
  • she can hold her paintbrush
  • magical reveal masterpiece
  • big glittery eyes
  • changeable clothes
  • removeable shoes

Dip paintbrush in cold water and brush the canvas! Watch the painting magically appear

Kindi Kids Cindy Pops Dolls series 2

Here is what said about this doll:

Cindy Pops has the sweetest bedside manner. With her silly shopkins she is always joking around with her patients because laughter is the best medicine. There is a smile on everyone’s face when the Kindi Kids visit because they know they will be leaving with a lolipop.

This doll looks amazing. Interesting hair color: pink-blue and in the same color all the accessories and clothes of the doll.

Features Kindi Kids Cindy Pops Dolls:

  • head bobbles
  • big glittery eyes
  • changeable clothes
  • removeable shoes
  • stethoscope around the neck
  • with stethoscope you can check hearbeat
  • she can hold her lolipop
  • move head and hands

The doll has a height of 31 cm. The kit has a number of accessories that respond to Cindy Pops.

Where to Buy & Price

You can buy one of these amazing dolls on the Amazon platform immediately after the official sales or by pre order. As soon as the manufacturer provides the ability to pre-order. The price for one Kindi Kids Doll 2 series $24.99

Release Kindi Kids Dolls 2020

There is no exact release date for the second series. But the estimated time is known. The second series will go on sale in the summer of 2020, and more precisely in August.

Short info

Manufacturer:Moose Toy
Age: 3+
Gender: Female
Size: 5.67 x 4.16 x 12.24 inches
Regular price: $24:99
Start of sales:August, 2020.
Where to Buy?Amazon, Target, Walmart

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