Enchantimals City Tails playsets: Town House Cafe with doll & Enchantimals City Fun Playground with 2 Dolls

Many of you are fans of amazing Enchantimals dolls. And it’s true, dolls are very unconventional because they are animal-dolls. What could be better than a beautiful and unique doll? Only big Enchantimals playset. Today we’re showing off 2 unique, large and multi-functional playsets. Get ready to be amazed.

What is Enchantimals Town House Cafe Playset

This is a really great playset. A three-story house with different rooms, stylish furniture, various accessories and, most importantly, a new Palmer Pomeranian doll. The doll has its own accessories and, of course, a beloved pet. 6 zones for the game, 6 areas where you can play role-playing games and create scenes with your favorite dolls

Features Enchantimals Town House Cafe Playset

  • New Pomeranian doll
  • 6 areas of play
  • The tall of house is 71 cm
  • Refrigerator really opens
  • Fashion furniture in house
  • 15+ pieces
  • Pommy pup
  • In house is working door (with a puppy door for bestie)

What is Enchantimals City Fun Playground Playset

Introducing a unique and multifunctional playset. This is a real amusement park. There are 4 different seating areas here. All zones are active and mobile. In addition, there are two new dolls here at once. Meet Sabine Squirrel and her little sister Seneca Squirrel plus their animal besties. Create many game scenes. Create different game stories

Features Enchantimals City Tail Playset

  • The plauground is tall 32 cm
  • Climb the “rope” net
  • Glide on the zipline
  • Spin on the merry-go-round
  • Swing back and forth
  • Little sister Seneca Squirrel
  • New doll Sabine Squirrel

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