Pop Marvel: Iron Man Hall of Armor Model 4 & 1 Figures

To the toy lovers of the series Funko Pop we have great news for you. The manufacturers announce the release of 2 figures of the series Iron Man Hall of Armor. Iron Man fans from Marvel will have a unique opportunity to purchase a limited edition figure.

What is Pop Marvel? These are figures based on the Iron Man armor from the comics. Collectors will have a unique opportunity to collect the entire armor collection and thus recreate the Hall of Armor hall from the film.

Pop Marvel: Iron Man Hall of Armor

Model 4 is a figure with the original iron man suit. Yellow-red color. Model 1 is a special gold-colored protective suit.

Features Hall of Armor: Iron Man figures

  • Exclusive models of figures
  • collection models based on Iron Man’s classic suits of armor from the comics
  • detailed figures
  • Stackable niches for each armor
  • Figure size 3 3/4″ tall
  • Collector-friendly box

Release date and price?

Both of this figures you can buy on May 25, 2022. The price is $29:99.

Short info

Manufacturer:Pop Marvel
Age: 3+
Season: Iron Man Hall of Armor
Gender: boy / girl
Size: 3 3/4" tall
Regular price:$29.99
Start of sales:May 25, 2022
Where to Buy?Amazon, Target, Walmart
Weight:1.1 pounds

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