I Dig Monsters Giant Plush Monji & Exclusive Monji That Change Color

I Dig Monsters is a new series of toys from Moose Toys. Of course, this is a special set like all toys from the manufacturer. With this set, the child will feel intrigue and interest until the end, since the most interesting of this set is at the end. Although we want to note that everything is interesting here, all the levels of unpacking and toys that will be found there are special and very interesting. Your child will be insane from such a set.

What is I Dig Monsters pack?

This is a special set of toys with special features. The manufacturer offers 2 sets to choose from:

  • a set of blue colour
  • a set of pink colour

The difference between such sets in toys. The main characters of such sets are special toys which called Monji. They are can be Plush Monji & Monji Figure. In every set you will find 2 exclusive Monji.

The giant plush Monji is the first toy you will find after unpacking. This toy can be used as a plush backpack or a place where you can hide all your favorite things. Indeed, inside this plush Monji there is an internal carmen for the safety of your things. The toy itself is very soft and pleasant to the touch.

Inside this Monji you will find the next surprise – Popsicle Vessel. This Popsicle Vessel has the shape of a popsicle and a jelly consistency. Inside this eskimo is another surprise, but in order to get it you need to remove the top layer of jelly, for this, use a special tool. Such an activity will undoubtedly please the baby.

First of all you will find Shape Cutters. Use this shape cutters and make different shapes from jelly. As soon as you manage to get rid of the jelly-like shell, you will find another surprise. This surprise will be the last. Unpack the surprise and get yours Monji Figure. In addition, there you will find an insert sheet where you can familiarize yourself with the entire series Monji, find out their names and appearance. But it is not the end of surprises. Monji Figure can change color and even glow in the dark. To change the color, put the figure in ice water. What to see how the figure glows, just turn off the light.

Features I Dig Monsters pack?

  • Giant Monji Plush that can be used as bag or your favourite toy
  • Popsicle Vessel which must be cleaned of the jelly-like mass with the help of a special tool
  • Jelly consistency can be used as a material for cutting figures (for this there are special Shape Cutters in the set)
  • Monji Figure which may change colour in ice water
  • Monji Figure than can glow in the dark

What’s included I Dig Monsters pack

  • 1 x Giant Monji Plush
  • 1 x Popsicle Vessel
  • 2 x Popsicle Stick Tools
  • 1 x Monji Figure in Water Wax
  • 2 x Shape Cutters
  • 1 x Collector’s guide

Release Date & Price:

Such sets will be available very soon. There’s no exact date yet, but it’s known that it will be in May 2020. The price per set is also known I Dig Monsters it will cost $19:99. You can buy such a kit on Amazon by pre ordering a link to the product, we will give you a little later.

Short info

Manufacturer:Moose Toys
Age: 4+
Gender: Female
Regular price: $19.99
Start of sales:May, 2020
Where to Buy?Amazon, Target, Walmart

Video unpack I Dig Monsters set


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  1. Hello-

    I am trying to search for the Giant Popsicle that contains like 20 something lil monji’s and can not find where to buy. Can you tell me where to but the huge I dig monster popsicle?

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