Barbie Careers 2022: Tennis Player, Pediatrician and Teacher

Barbie Careers 2022

Hello everyone, today we learned about three new Barbie Career dolls that will be released in 2022.

Meet Barbie Careers 2022:

  • Barbie Career Tennis Player (HBW98)
  • Barbie Career Teacher (HBW97)
  • Barbie Career Pediatrician (HBW99)

Each doll has a beautiful appearance and a stylish outfit corresponding to their profession. These dolls can move their arms and legs.

Barbie Career Tennis Player

This Barbie has a light summer outfit and is holding a racket with a ball in her hands. She has very beautiful blonde hair, as well as stylish sneakers in the color of the ball.

Tennis Player

Career Teacher

A teacher is one of the most important people in our life. With such a doll, you can play and teach your other dolls various subjects. The teacher is dressed in a beautiful dress and in her hands is a notebook for teaching children.


Every girl should have such a doll at home. You can play various role-playing scenarios with it, as every family needs a doctor. She is dressed in a pediatrician’s outfit that has nice color tones.


We expect the price to be around $5-10

Release Date:

There is no exact release date, but we expect the dolls to be released very soon.

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