PJ Seeker: The Biggest car in series PJ Masks Light + Sound

PJ Seeker – is a fantastic game set for those children whose idols are the characters from the animated series PJ Masks. Until that time, the company Just Play had not yet released such mega large and many functional kits. PJ Seeker – is the first set of such sizes for this line of toys.

PJ Masks one of the most popular animated series for children today. Every child knows the story of three unique lifeguards. Their name are very famous: Catboy, Amaya and Greg. Any child around the world with great pleasure will want to receive such a set for gift. After all PJ Seeker is the dream of any child.

Features PJ Seeker set

  • Figures

In this set you will find figures of three main characters with whom you can play and create different scenes

  • Light and sound

Some of the elements in this set have light. For example, a spotlight that will pave the way home for lifeguards. In addition, the track itself has a sound effect. You can signal to villains or warn heroes about danger.

  • Size

This set is huge. The large size, versatility and sound effects make this kit unimaginable

  • Transport

In this set you will find several types of transport, in addition to the track itself

  • Similarity to the original

Of course, children will be primarily interested in the fact that PJ Seeker has a 100% resemblance to its prototype from the cartoon.

What is PJ Seeker PJ Masks?

PJ Seeker is a base of heroes. A huge car in which there are several levels and several compartments, as well as special zones. This is a whole play area in which the child can play with individual objects: figures, vehicles (separately) or play game scenes from the cartoon. For example here you can find:

  • Cage for capture villains

Such a cage is working and you can put any bad hero there

  • Shoot disc

Amaya car is equipped with a special system for throwing discs at the enemy. With such a system, you can stop any villain

  • Vehicles

In such set you will find 4 diffrent vehicles (you can play them separately)

  • Game Areas

The track itself has three levels. On the first level is a car. The side panel opens therefore, in case of need, the car is easy to get in a few seconds. The back of the panel also opens and serves as a garage for another mode of transport. On the second floor of the track is a Cat Car and a Catboy himself.

Thanks to a special gangway, the car easily shifts from the second level to the first. On the third level is Gekko and his searchlight which sanctifies the heroes

PJ Masks set includes:

  • Pj Seeker with bridge & satellite
  • Cat car
  • Cat boy figure
  • Cage with Claw Crane
  • Shooter with disc

Release date & Pre-Order:

It is expected that the official release date of the novelty will be Oct 15 – Nov 8, 2019. Just in time for the start of the New Year holidays. But now you can already do pre-order the desired set PJ Masks!


The price of the new set PJ Masks PJ Seeker is about $ 59:99

Short Description: Where to Buy?

Manufacturer:Just Play
Age: 3+
Gender: Unisex
Size: 18 x 70 x 33 cm (7 x 28 x 13 inches)
Regular price:$ 59.97 and highter
Start of sales:October 2019
Where to Buy?Amazon, Walmart, Target
Series:PJ Masks


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