New Rainbow High RockStar doll 2021 / 2022

New Rainbow High RockStar price, where to buy

Hi everyone!
Meet new dolls that will appear in stores this fall!

New Rainbow High RockStar doll

Namely, on September 20, they can be purchased exclusively at Target in the United States. As for other countries, including the EU, you can buy them on Amazon.

In total, MGA has prepared three different sets of Roxta Dolls for you.

Each set will include:

  • Exclusive, large doll
  • Additional outfit (jacket, top, skirt, shoes, jewelry)
  • comb
  • a doll’s stand,
  • clothes hanger
  • and of course an individual musical instrument (drums, guitar, and boombox)

Each doll is individual, and also has its own style and musical instruments. And all together they can become a real rock band!

Rainbow High Rockstar dolls names:

  • Vanessa Tempo (rainbow)
  • Carmen Major (which is supposed to be gold but looks essentially rainbow too)
  • and Lyric Lucas (black).


The declared cost for one set of new products is $ 49.99. If you want to collect all three sets and make your own rock band, you will need to pay $ 149.97

Release Date:

Search and buy these dolls from September 20, 2021

Where to Buy?

At the moment, we know that in the USA these dolls will be sold exclusively at Target. As for the rest of the world, they can be found in the Amazon (in Europe and other countries)

Short info:

Age: 3+
Gender: Female
Size: 27 cm (11 inches)
Regular price: $ 49.99
Start of sales:September 20, 2021
Where to Buy?Target in US, Amazon in Europe


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