Started Sales on Amazon L.O.L. Surprise! Limited Edition MGAE Cares Frontline Hero Doll

We are glad to inform you that the company MGA started sales new L.O.L. Surprise! MGAE Cares on the Amazon platform. Right now, by clicking on the link you can find out all the information regarding the order and buy of this amazing doll: its price, sale date and delivery time. Since LOL MGAE Cares is a limited series of dolls, to buy such doll will not be as easy as a regular lol surprise doll. Therefore, follow the link and watch the moment when the doll appears in stock or you can freely pre-order on the site.

Features L.O.L. Surprise MGAE Cares Frontline Hero Doll

  • Appearance

As soon as you look at this doll you will realize that it is special. The doll resembles a doctor, they are now the heroes of the time in connection with the current events.

  • Donation

It should be noted that when buying such a doll, the company will donate 1 dollar for of every sale to support MGA Cares Non Profit, so you automatically join to the good deal.

What inside of the ball L.O.L. Surprise! MGAE Cares

When you will unbox the ball you will find 7 surprises:

  • MGAE Cares sticker
  • Bottle
  • Face Mask
  • Accessories
  • White Lab Coat Outfit
  • Pink Boots
  • L.O.L. Surprise! x MGAE Cares limited edition doll

To find out more about this doll: its price, features and appearance you can here.

Release Date MGAE Cares Frontline Hero Doll

The company MGA planned to release this series of dolls in April 2020, but due to a worldwide pandemic and limited sales, the release had to be suspended. At the moment, the company plans to start selling L.O.L. Surprise! MGAE Cares already on August 1 on the Amazon platform. The company has already added this doll to the Amazon platform to start the possibility of pre-order (here is a link)

Since at the moment there are still difficulties with the delivery of goods and sales in the store, the company made it possible in advance of the pre-order function, which would be in time to be on time with the sale at the official start of sales.


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