New dolls Barbie Extra Minis Wave 2. Gold Tiara all about new doll

This is an extraordinary series. The dolls here are not ordinary but mini. These Barbies have never been. The dolls are mini size, but very bright and stylish. There will be 4 dolls in total in the collection. The first two dolls are already on sale and you probably know about them. It is

  • Dairy Rainbow
  • Tie Dye Denim

Dolls that fans immediately liked. Dairy Rainbow doll with bright rainbow colored hair and Tie Dye Denim doll with long brown hair. Please note that the package also includes:

  • doll
  • glasses
  • a bag
  • earrings
  • shoes

One of the main features of this series of dolls is articulation. The legs and arms of these dolls bend. To learn more about this dolls you can here.

The name of third doll is unknown now. The name of fourth is Gold Tiara. How it will look like we can show you later.


The price for doll $14.99

Release Date

Sale in fall 2022 amd

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