Barbie Jackson & Jayla Twins dolls 10+ surprises. New playset is coming

Great news. The Barbie company announced the sale of an amazing playset with Jackson & Jayla Twins dolls. This set is multifunctional and very interesting. Two dolls, three pets and lots of accessories allow the child to create many role play scenes.

What included in playset?

  • As we said earlier, the set includes two barbie dolls, these are twins their names are Jackson & Jayla
  • There are also three pets in the set: two large dogs and one puppy
  • More than 10 accessories: pet food bowl, bag, pet bed,
  • The twins are very athletic, so there is even a soccer ball in the set.

Such playset will undoubtedly please the child and pleasantly surprise him.


Manufacturers have already announced the price for a set $24.99

Where to buy and release date

You can buy this set very soon, in a few days March 19 on Amazon 

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