LOL Surprise Dance Dance Dance – 8 surprises inside and 12 dolls for collection

where to buy LOL Surprise Dance Dance Dance Dolls

We would like to present you a new series of LOL dolls for 2021. It”s a new second wave of dance-themed neon dolls  of LOL Surprise Dance Dance Dance.

This collection consists of 12 LOL Surprise Dance Dance Dance dolls that have their own dance style.

So, we invite all LOL doll lovers to the 80s retro disco!

In each boll you will find:

  •  dance holographic card
  •  turntable dance floor
  •  8 surprises
  •  doll accessories

Each doll comes with its own holographic dance card. The image moves and you can learn a certain dance movement. Discover these unique dance moves for yourself. Each movement has its own name. For example, Wheels on the Coupe, Vogue It BB, Runway Surprise and others.

The dance floor can really rotate! 12 Dance dolls will make an unforgettable dance party of your life! You just need to put the doll on it and enjoy the dance of your favorite doll. Plus, you can connect all the dance floors in the Dance Dance Dance series and spin them all at once. This is a real disco!

8 unbelievable surprises:

  • dance floor
  • dance  card
  • the neon color bottle
  • pair of shoes
  • an uv black light
  • a bracelet
  • little disco ball
  • a microphone

Also, each doll comes with a set of accessories. This can be a handbag, glasses, bracelet, crown or fashionable clothes.

Each character of LOL Surprise Dance Dance Dance has their names which are distributed into 4 chanals:

LOL Surprise Dance Dance Dance Dolls
LOL Surprise Dance Dance Dance Dolls Checklist
  • Channel 5: Phenom B.B., Radio Queen, Bae Wheels
  • Channel 6: Chica Chica, Rumba Grrrl, Tempo Q.T.
  • Channel 7: M.C. Pose, Revue, Taplet
  • Channel 8: Turnstep B.B., Rhythm Empress, Freestyle

You can only see the LOL Surprise Lights series 2 in ultraviolet light. All of the doll”s things as well as the doll itself are glowing with the help of an uv black light. Makeup glows and her jacket, lipstick her skirt and shoes even her dance base are glowing too.

The dolls are designed in the style of the 1980s and have an original packaging  in TV design that makes the collection even more attractive.


$ 10.99

Release date:

The starting date of sales is from  March 1, 2021.

Where to Buy?

You can find it on Amazon, Target, Walmart and other US online stores.

Short Details:

Age: 3+
Gender: Female
Size: 7.6 cm
Regular price: $ 10.99
Start of sales:March 1, 2021
Where to Buy?Amazon, Target, Walmart

Video unboxing:


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