LOL Remix series is out now – Reaction of bloggers and social networks

Remix Series Is Out Now. Bloggers' Reaction.

Hello to all,
Yesterday the official presentation of the main dolls and play sets of this fall took place. We have been waiting for them for so long and now they are already available for pre-order.

Today, we want to share with you the reaction of social networks and bloggers to the release of new products from LOL surprise. Of course, Instagram exploded the most. All bloggers just massively reported that the release of LOL Remix came out!

Bloggers’ reaction:


Let’s start with blogger the.lopez.triplets. She published two posts in which she shows new toys in the LOL Remix series and new images of her clothes.


Probably every girl or boy knows this toycaboodle Instagram and YouTube channel. She has 69.9 thousand followers on Instagram and 2.15 million on YouTube! She has already received and publish three posts in Instagram with a new LOL Remix series.

In addition, a video of unboxing LOL Remix aircraft 4 in 1 was released on the toycaboodle YouTube channel.

mommysworldrocks – Melissa “Mommy” Hunter

Cool blogger mommysworldrocks has shared a new playset “LOL Surprise REMIX Super Surprise” on Instagram and its unboxing on YouTube. She has 106 thousand followers on Instagram and 738 thousand on YouTube!


Probably the most active blogger among all, who reported the news about the new LOL Remix series. His instagram just “fill up” the news of this series. He has 21 thousand followers on Instagram and 2 thousand on YouTube!


In one day, she published three posts on the topic of LOL Remix Series. One of which is made in the form of a video clip. She has 18.8 thousand followers on Instagram!


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