Barbie Special Fashion Accessory Packs. Themes: Happy Birthday, Singer, Movie Night, Summer Weekend

Attention! Attention! For all Barbie fans – Mattel offers a new product, special thematic sets with accessories for your dolls. If you buy one such set you will receive many interesting and important additions to your doll. All sets are thematic and have a different set of surprises inside.

Features Barbie Accessory Packs

  • Themes Packs

Of course, the main features of such sets is that they are thematic. It means, if you choose a specific topic, your surprises and gifts will be only in this subject. It is very convenient and interesting.

  • Fits all dolls

Accessories from this set are perfect for all types of Barbie dolls.

  • Unique set

All accessories from this set are unique and inimitable. Thanks to this set, you can dress up your dolls and create role-playing games, thereby developing the imagination of your child.

Release Date & Price:

There is no specific release date for these kits yet. It is precisely known that they will appear on sale in the spring 2020, so we can assume that it will happen in April or May. The exact price for 1 such set is also unknown. As soon as we have specific information and a link to the goods, we will immediately inform you.

Barbie “Happy Birthday” Accessory Packs

The first in this series is a set “Happy Birthday”. In this set you will find 11 accessories. Each such accessory is an obligatory attribute of such holiday – Birthday. In this set you will find:

  • bag (as each Barbie is very fashionable and stylish doll)
  • necklace
  • a bracelet
  • hairstyle accessories
  • large “inflatable” balloon with the letter B
  • a box in the form of a gift (of course, because the theme is the Day of Birth)
  • sign saying Happy Birthday
  • ring
  • ice cream
  • pink plate with a slice of cake
Barbie Fashion Accessory Packs
New Barbie Fashion Accessory Packs. What price?


Barbie “Singer” Accessory Packs

This set can be called singer, but also you can call Modern Girl accessory pack. Why? Just look on the accessory inside. In this set you will also find 11 surprises and gifts. All of them are very original and unique. Here you will find many things that characterize young fashionable ladies. In the set you will find:

  • pink headphones
  • bag that hangs on your hip
  • watches
  • hair accessories
  • stylish bag with fashionable print
  • bottle
  • cap
  • the tablet
  • necklace
  • and even a yellow tape recorder, of course, because this is a series of singer
Barbie "Singer" Accessory Packs
Barbie “Singer” Accessory Packs Buy now

Barbie “Movie Night” Accessory Packs

Another awesome set. Just look how many interesting and important surprises are here. And most importantly, they are all in one topic  Movie Night. Here you will find:

  • glasses
  • the toys
  • movie tickets
  • camera
  • ice cream bag
  • red bag
  • candy
  • a bracelet
  • popcorn
  • necklace
  • bun if you want a bite

Barbie “Summer Weekend” Accessory Packs

The last set with accessories is called Summer Weekend. In this set you will find 11 accessories:

  • glasses
  • cap
  • a bag
  • pet
  • hot dog phone
  • ice cream
  • a bag
  • a bracelet
  • sun lotion
  • Beach bag
  • hairpin in hair

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