New LOL Surprise Remix Pets Series 1. Collect 12 Party-Pets in new LOL Surprise

Attention! Attention. The company MGA announced a new LOL Surprise series. At the end of summer 2020, fans of lol surprise can please the new product. The first musical lol toys. More precisely, the novelty has a musical theme.

All about LOL Surprise Remix Pets

LOL Surprise Remix – is a whole series of LOL toys, it includes: advent calendar OOTD, little sisters, and of course pets. About them we will tell you in more detail today.

LOL Surprise Remix Pets – it is part of a huge collection LOL Surprise Remix 2020. Of course, pets in this series of toys are special. In total, the collection of 12 characters. All of them are dressed in a certain musical style. Their outfits belong to a particular musical style. Which one? It remains to be known to you.

To do this, you will have a hint – a secret message. The secret message will contain lines of a specific song from a specific musical style. Of course, the words of song is hidden and you have to rush to unravel it. This is not all the features of this series of toys. In one character named Eah Remix Hairflip in the set will be a personal musical instrument. Musical styles to which your pets belong:

  • Pop
  • Rock & Roll
  • R&B
  • Country

Features LOL Surprise Remix Pets

LOL Surprise Remix Pets

  • new pets

12 new pets. All of them are familiar to you, but it will be difficult for you to recognize them. Their appearance has changed a lot.

  • new theme

This is a huge series in the LOL Surprise line. All LOL toys are timed to a musical theme, not one specific but all musical styles. Therefore, you can find pets from all musical styles here. What musical style of a pet is easy for you to find out. To do this, it is enough to decrypt the secret message with the text of the song and look at the pet’s dresses

  • surprises

In the set you will get one of 12 pets, as well as accessories for it. One of the pets (Eah Remix Hairflip) will have its own musical instrument. Try to get him.

  • secret message

what musical style of a pet did you get, you can learn by deciphering the secret message inside the set


  • LOL Surprise Pets New Theme – discover one of 12 surprise musical animals with matching instrument
  • Each animal comes with its own instrument and in a cool packaging that reminds you of a boom box
  • The looks of the small animal figures are inspired by different music styles – Pop, Rock & Roll, R&B and Country.
  • there are 12 different characters to collect, play and trade with.
  • The enclosed secret message reveals the song lines to match the LOL Surprise! Song Lyrics

Release Date & Price LOL Surprise Remix Pets

Now we can inform you about the price for a set and even the date of entry for sale LOL Surprise Remix Pets. The price for 1 set will be $12.99. As for the date of arrival, you can buy LOL Remix Pets already in September 25, 2020. You can pre-order today starting September 15th.

Short info

Age: 4+
Gender: Female
Size: ----
Regular price: $ 12.99
Start of sales:Pre-order: September 15, 2020

Release date - September 25, 2020
Where to Buy?Amazon, Target, Walmart

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