Review new Barbie Extra Minis Wave 2

If you are delighted with these amazing mini Barbie dolls, then we can please you even more. The company Mattel announced the release of the Barbie Extra Minis Wave 2. In total, at the moment, two beautiful dolls from this series are known, but perhaps prepare a surprise and there will be some more charming dolls in the collection, but so far we do not know this information. Today we want to introduce you to two dolls Barbie Extra Minis.

What’s special in Barbie Extra Minis Wave 2

This is a special series of mini-dolls from Barbie. Dolls from this series are significantly different in size from all other Barbie dolls.
Another feature is the articulation of the doll. In this series, the legs and arms, or rather the knees and elbows of the dolls bend. Also, these dolls differ in appearance. Bright makeup, big eyes and of course stylish clothes. All Wave 2 dolls have long rainbow colored hair. In addition, the set includes many surprises.

What is included in Barbie Extra Minis Wave 2

  • doll
  • shoes
  • bag
  • earrings
  • glasses

Release date and Price

Manufacturers did not specify the exact date of release of these dolls for sale, as well as prices. Follow our news and we will inform you as soon as possible

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