First photos Rainbow High dolls Series 4. All about 6 new uniqu dolls

Friends! We have great news. The names and characteristics of the new Rainbow High dolls Series 4 have become known. In this series, 6 new dolls are waiting for you. All dolls are completely different and have their own unique look and unique style. Each doll in this series is completely unique and irresistible. New dolls, new accessories and new impressions are waiting for you in Rainbow High dolls Series 4

Meet with Mila Berrymore

This is a doll with burgundy hair. The doll’s clothes are also in black and burgundy colors. This is a young rock girl. In the set you will find 3 sets of clothes (two dresses and a sweater) as well as two pairs of shoes. And the girl’s accessories are a hairbrush and a pair of earrings.

Meet with Meena Fleur

Orange is this doll’s favorite color. Meena Fleur is a real fashion girl. She has in her wardrobe a festive dress and a suit with trousers for every day. In the set you will also find several pairs of jewelry and a brush for hair care. Brightness is the motto of this doll.

Meet with Delilah Fields

It is a buttercup doll. You have never seen such a LOL doll. She is very charming and sweet. Chamomile is her favorite flower, it is everywhere in the doll’s hair and clothes. Wavy white long hair, daisies in the hair and cute glasses give the doll charm and an unusual appearance. In her wardrobe you will find a cute yellow dress, white pants and a yellow top, a yellow skirt and a white top. As well as two pairs of shoes and a collection of jewelry.

Meet with Jewel Richie

For those who like the color we have Jewel Richie doll. This is a very bright doll. Her favorite color is emerald, hair, clothes and even the doll’s eyes are in this color. There are some very specific outfits in the set (a skirt, a dress, then two jackets with fur). Such a doll looks amazing. Her collection includes two pairs of heeled shoes and a set of jewelry, as well as a hairbrush.

Meet with Coco Vanderbalt

Extraordinary doll. Coco Vanderbalt doll is in white and blue color. This doll looks like it’s from outer space. Her makeup and hair color, as well as all the clothes in one tone. Coco Vanderbalt very sporty but stylish doll. In the set you will find two pairs of shoes with a very unusual design. Two sports dresses and a jacket. From accessories the doll has glasses and earrings.

Meet with Lila Yamamoto

Lila Yamamoto the last doll in this collection. This doll is in soft purple color. Her outfit is very similar to the Japanese style of clothing. And outfits in the set you will find a skirt with Japanese hierographs, a kimono shirt, a skirt, a kimono jacket. The shoes of this doll are very unique, you definitely have not seen them before. Everything is Japanese style. From accessories comb and earrings.

Features Rainbow High dolls Series 4

  • dolls

There are 6 dolls in the collection. All of them are very different and have their own color.

  • clothing

In the set, each doll has several sets of clothes and two pairs of shoes. You can swap outfits between each other and create new looks and styles for each doll.

  • Accessories

Each doll has its own set of accessories. All accessories can be changed between dolls

  • Articulation

The dolls of this series have a large articulation. You can bend the knees and arms of the dolls to change the poses of the dolls

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