LOL Surprise Color Change dolls 2021

LOL Surprise Color Change dolls 2021 - Where to buy? What is the price? Realise date

Now we are going to present you new LOL Surprise Color Change dolls that are a part of new LOL Color Change collection. Other toys that releases in this series are: LOL Surprise Color Change Pets 2021

LOL Surprise dolls: color change feature

There are 12 unique dolls to collect. Collect them all to mixed and match clothing accessories.

LOL Surprise dolls: 12 characters to collect

This is upcoming 2021 collection of new LOL Surprise dolls that will have special color change feature. Even they ball does color change too!

LOL Surprise Color Change

LOL Surprise Color Change characters come with surprise accessories.

LOL Surprise Color Change: Accessories

The collection includes re-releases of already known dolls. But there are some very interesting examples among them. The size of dolls are 7,6 cm

LOL Surprise Color Change: the size


Starting price is with $ 9,99

Release date:

July, 2021

Where to Buy?

You can buy it on Amazon, Target, Walmart and other US online stores.

Short Details:

Age: 4+
Gender: Female
Size: 7,6 cm (3 inches)
Regular price: $ 9.99
Start of sales:July, 2021
Where to Buy?Amazon, Target, Walmart

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