Cave Club Dolls from Mattel Series 1. Release Date

The company Mattel is one of the most popular children’s toy companies in the world. This is a company that introduced such toys to the world as: Barbie or Monster High. For many generations, this company has been releasing more and more masterpieces in the world of children’s toys. In March 2020, it became known that the company plans to release a new series of children’s dolls called Cave Club.

What is Cave Club Dolls?

First of all, such dolls are distinguished by their appearance. As soon as you first see the dolls in the series Cave Club you will not confuse them with any other dolls anymore. There are 5 dolls in this collection in first series, among them 4 girl dolls and one boy. Doll names:

  • Cave Club Fernessa doll
  • Cave Club Tella doll
  • Cave Club Emberly doll
  • Cave Club Slate doll
  • Cave Club Roaralai doll

All dolls Cave Club have a special style – the style of cavemen. Therefore, these dolls have a name Cave Club Dolls. Their long and thick hair, as well as a special outfit of clothing, clearly resembles cavemen. In addition, accessories and other paraphernalia demonstrate the style of cavemen.

Features Cave Club Dolls

  • Appearance

All dolls have a kind and friendly look. Even the dinosaurs in this series of toys look very cute and kind.

  • Style

Undoubtedly the style of cavemen. Very bright and colorful cave people.

  • Dolls

In the first series, manufacturers release 5 dolls. Among them are 4 girls and 1 boy. Which doll you will buy is your choose.

  • Accessories

Each doll has its own set of accessories, depending on her/his hobby and profession. A mandatory accessory is a comb, an additional lock of hair and of course a pet. Each doll has its own pet and several unique accessories.

  • Mobility

All dolls are mobile. The bumps on the arms and legs in the dolls move and bend. Thus, you can change the position of the dolls to whatever you like.

  • Hair

Each doll has very long and thick hair. You can use a hairbrush and make new and interesting hairstyles for your doll. In addition, you can use the extra curl of hair from the set, thereby diversifying your hairstyles.

  • Pets

The best friend of every doll is her pet. All pets are mythical and medieval.

Release Date Cave Club

Do you want to get yourself a couple of these dolls? Do not hurry. Dolls of the series Cave Club only go on sale in May 2020. The exact date is not yet known. But most likely at the end of April you will have the opportunity to pre-order these charming and amazing dolls. Following the first series, the manufacturer plans to launch 2 series. Therefore, in June you will be able to buy a new character Cave Club.

Where To Buy & Price?

One Cave Club Doll will be cost $19.99. Cave Club wiil be sell at the most famous sites: Amazon, Walmart, Target. As soon as you can make a pre-order we will let you known.

Short info

Age: 6+
Gender: Female
Regular price: $ 19.99
Start of sales:May, 2020
Where to Buy?Amazon, Target, Walmart

Author: Besttoy

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  1. Hi everyone!
    At very first I hope everyone’s okey healthy and safe from that chaos about covid19… then just say Thanks for the whole info about Cave Club dolls mew realised from Mattel for next month. And wanna tell you if you are agree to change the “gender” from “female”
    turn into “who cares”? for ex… as they have a boy.. animals pets.. dinnosaurs… etc etc would be great not separate” from gender for chindren or adult collectors as in Creatable World famous idea concept.
    Many thanks again from Spain and whole latino american region and countries.
    Franc (Crustal Heart)

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