Poopsie Slime Surprise! Sparkly Stationery Case + 10 activites

poopsie surprise slime sparkly stationary case

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We present to you some interesting set with stickers, markers and other things. It’s Poopsie Stationery Case. In this set you can find many interesting things for doodling, painting, drawing. Inside over 10 activities. This set is shaped like a poop and it has a cute purple poopsie. There’s a unicorns everywhere, inside and outside of the box. At the back you can see everything that comes in this set. Open it up! And look what we have!

poopsie surprise slime stationary case

Inside you have got mini sketchbook, glitter glue, crayons, markers, chipboard dolls, doll stands, repositionable sticker sheet, stamps, stamp pad, scratch off sheets, scratch coin, sticker sheets. In one art set you get so much stuff! You’ve got six markers: red, pink, purple, blue, teal and yellow. You’ve got two glitter glue: pink and green color. And you’ve got four crayons: pink, yellow, red and blue.

Inside the Sparkly Case you’ve got three chipboard dolls unicorns in bathing suits and they all come with stand. They can stand all by themselves. You’ve got different stikers. You can scratch them. Among there are some stickers that you can color. Also you can test out two stamps: unicorn and poop form.For this we have sketchbook.
poopsie surprise slime sparkly stationary case 1

You can actually put it all away in this nifty little case. So everything of fits inside and you just close it up and take with you. This case so many stickers and other things in here. I hope you all enjoyed it! This set will be a great gift for any holiday. Every child wants their get!

What’s Inside in each box:

  • 1* Poopsie Stationery Case;
  • 2* glitter glue;
  • 4* crayons;
  • 1* mini sketchbook;
  • 6* mini markers;
  • 3* Poopsie chipboard dolls;
  • 3* doll stands;
  • 1* repositionable sticker sheet;
  • 1* stamp pad;
  • 2* stamps;
  • 2* die cut Scratch art Sheets;
  • 2* scratch;
  • 4* scratch art sticker sheets;
  • 1* scratch coin;
  • 6* stiker sheets;
  • instruction.


The price of one set is about ~ 25US dollars.

Short Description:

Age: 6+
Gender: Female
Size: 1.8 x 2 x 13.3 inches
Regular price: ~$24.99
Where to Buy?Amazon, Target, Walmart


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