LOL Surprise Spring Bling 2020 Easter Limited Edition Dolls & Pets. Release Date

MGA as always continue to delight their fans with new and amazing dolls. Presents you a novelty in the world of LOL toys – LOL Surprise Spring Bling. Today it is the latest and most interesting series of toys from MGA. All fans are looking forward to the release date and the start of sales of these dolls and pets.

What is LOL Surprise Spring Bling?

LOL Surprise Spring Bling is a limited edition doll & pet. This series of toys consists of only two dolls called Hops Big Sister Doll or Hops Kit-Tea Pet. Both of these dolls have Easter Theme. To notice this is easy enough just to look at them. Both dolls have very cute and nice rabbit ears on their heads. It looks very cute and beautiful.

Each doll has 7 surprises inside. Of course, the doll as well as important and necessary accessories to it. For example bottle, shoes, removable rabbit ears and so on.

Release Date LOL Surprise Spring Bling

The first news about the upcoming new toys from MGA became available in January 2020. Many fans expected that this series of LOL toys would be available in February 2020. But this did not happen. Until recently, it remained a mystery when these toys became available for sale. But just today we found out the exact date.

It will be possible to buy LOL Surprise Spring Bling toys in April 1st, 2020. But do not rush to despair, literally in the near future the opportunity to pre-order will be available. Thus, as soon as these toys become available for sale, you will be able to buy them without waiting in line. We will force the pre-order link as soon as it appears.

What included in LOL Surprise Spring Bling set?

Unbox the new toys from MGA and you will find Hops Big Sister Doll or Hops Kit-Tea Pet. Each ball contains 7 surprises Glitter finishes Easter Theme. In one of this ball you will find:

  • 1 * Doll Hops Big Sister or 1 * Hops Kit-Tea Pet
  • 1 * special battle
  • 1 * shoes for per or doll
  • clothes per / doll
  • special rabbit ears
  • hint code
  • 1 * surprise

Important! Like all LOL Surprise Dolls, this series of toys also changes color in water. Just try your dolls in cold water and watch the changes

Try to collect both of them: Hops Big Sister Doll or Hops Kit-Tea Pet. Undoubtedly, such a gift will be the best gift for your child on Easter holidays.

You can learn more about this series of toys, for example, what is the price LOL Surprise Spring Bling or more real photos of such dolls you can see here.

How looks like LOL Surprise Spring Bling Video


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