Nerf Hyper: Next Generation High Capacity Blasters with Fastest Reloads

Nerf Hyper: Next Generation High Capacity Blasters with Fastest Reloads. Where to buy? Realise date. Price

In 2021, Nerf is going to introduce the new Hyper series. It’s the next generation of high-capacity blasters with the fastest reloading. This is the largest NERF announcement in recent years!

Nerf Hyper: Next Generation
High Capacity Blasters with Fastest Reloads

Now you will be able to shoot foam shells with your friends almost non-stop. This is what you could only dream of!

The new line starts with three models:

  • The Nerf Hyper Rush-40 is a 40-round pistol. It has spring action shooting. The price is $ 30.
  • The Hyper Siege-50 holds 50 rounds and has a pump-action shotgun design. It will shoot as fast as you pump it up. The price is $ 40.
  • The Hyper Mach-100 with a fully automatic SMG design with D-type batteries. It can load 100 rounds at once. Just a stream of balls! The price is $ 70.
The Hyper Mach-100

This new line of blasters are not only more powerful, but also they have the fastest loading system. The foam rounds take up so little space as they are smaller now. You can fit 40 of them inside a small blaster pistol and you can load 50 or even 100 round rounds in bigger ones! The charging is so fast that it’s almost like a paintball gun!

Let’s have a look on the new Nerf Hyper cartridges and their price.
Sometimes you will have to buy new cartridges, but you will pay much less for each of them if you buy cartridges in large packs. For example, 50- and 100-piece sets of cartridges will sell for $ 12 and $ 20, respectively.

Nerf Hyper cartridges

The capacity-to-size ratio of these blasters is really impressive!
Previously you could fit 25 foam rounds. But now you can fit 100 of them! That is four times more!


Starting price is withing $ 30

Release date:

The starting date of sales is from early spring, 2021.

Where to Buy?

You can buy it on Amazon, Target, Walmart as well as on other US market shops.

Short Details:

Age: 4+
Gender: Male, Female
Regular price:Starting price is 30 $
Start of sales:Early Spring, 2021
Where to Buy?Amazon, Target, Walmart

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