Blume Baby Pop Magic Gender Reveal 3 babies or more + 25 surprises inside

Let’s take a look at the Box. Is it a baby boy or a baby girl. How many babies will you get in a pop? It is a surprise. Look at how they are cute. These are so adorable look at the tops of them. When you buy such toy you do not know what is inside. Is it a boy or a girl. How many toys inside?

What is Blume Baby Pop toys?

It is a 25 surprises inside, fifty toys to collect and it looks like you just kind of pop them out. Look at how cute they are. If we flip this box over we have some more information on the back looks like we get some baby nudes, gender-reveal, we get to throw them in icy water, we’ve got cozy costumes, we’ve got 60-plus accessories to collect, snuggle buddies, what we have baby shower gifts in which we’re gonna open up and a pool party which it looks like. Maybe it’s inside up there in the nursery.

Let’s take a look at the guide. All right they’re split up into:

  • adorable
  • rare
  • super

Take a look at all of these cute babies. There are 50 different toys in collections. They’re also separate and two baby moods. Specially interesting poopy face. If we flip this over to the back looks like we’ve got some snuggle buddies. We’ve got some adorable cozy costumes and look there’s even a unicorn one. The baby shower gifts and this tells you step-by-step on how to open. All right this is what it looks like. We’ve got like little lines and this pink little container.

Features Blume Baby Pop 1 series

  • Quantity babies

There are 5 sprout in the set. But how many Blume babies will be inside you don’t know, until you will not open everyone. Important! 3 toys in a set will be guaranteed, possibly more: 4 or even 5.

  • Surprises

There are a lot of them. Surprises over under every sprout. Every time you get your little sprout you will expect a surprise? baby or accessory. In addition, the set contains 25 surprises placed under the package. Among such surprises you will find many useful and amazing things. For example, special costumes for babies, swings, beds, and even pets. All surprises are important and very sweet.

  • Magic Gender Reveal

This is the first series of Blume toys where you can find baby girls and even boys. Moreover, all the kids are very cute and nice to understand where the boy and where the girl is impossible. To determine the gender of your baby you must pass an exciting test.

  • POP

Every time when you will get out your sprout from the set you will hera the sound POP. Amazing sound!

  • Poop & slide

At the bottom of the package you will find a large number of surprises, but you will not find a slide there. So where is it? Be careful, the slide is under the packaging. To get it you need to turn the packaging over. As a pool, you can use a capacity with sprout. It is a great pool.

How to know where is the Boy or a Girl

Everything is easy, but the main thing – very interesting for children. To check your baby, it must be bathed. Prepare a container with cold water, more precisely ice water. Then remove your baby from sprout and place it in cold water for a few seconds.

The color of your baby’s diapers will change. If the diapers are blue – you have a boy. If the diapers are pink – you mean a girl.

Important! All accessories, including the cozy costume, are suitable for other babies in this series, so you can combine surprises with each other.

What included in the set?

  • 3 or more Blume babies
  • 25 surprises
  • pool
  • slide
  • 1 cozy costumes
  • Secret nursery decorated
  • collector poster where you can write-in the names of your babies

Release Date:

The release date in the United States is not yet known.


The official price is $14:99. Nice price for nice toys set, is not it.

Where to Buy?

If you like this amazing Blume Baby Pop dolls you can buy them right now. Buy Blume Baby Pop Magic you can buy on Amazon here is the link

Short Info:

Age: 3+
Gender: Female
Size: 20.5 x 6.5 x 16 cm (8.2 x 2.6 x 6.5 inches)
Regular price: $ 14.99
Start of sales:In Stock
Where to Buy?Amazon, Target, Walmart


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