Special Rainbow High Salon playset for new Rainbow High Dolls

Manufacturer MGA is expanding its line of toys. This time it’s a new series Rainbow High Dolls. There are 5 beautiful and stunning dolls in the collection. Each of them is special and irresistible. Especially for this release of dolls the manufacturer has additionally released 2 play sets: Rainbow High Hair Studio and Rainbow High Salon playset.

What is Rainbow High Salon playset

This play set will allow your child to feel like a real master in a beauty salon. This set is an addition to the dolls of the series Rainbow High Dolls. Therefore, in the set you will not find the dolls of the series, as well as the exclusive doll Amaya Raine. But, you can find numerous hair care accessories for Rainbow High dolls, as well as special hair color creams.

The set includes a real sink for washing your doll hair with sawing water. But that’s not all. Also here you will find a special powder that needs to be mixed with water and with the help of this chair, wash the doll’s head. As a result, you will get rainbow hair on your doll. Use a hair coloring brush and change hair color easily. Use powders and other tools from the kit to transform your doll as much as possible. Then wash her hair and start again. This is an amazing process that you want to never end.

Important! This set will fit any doll from the series Rainbow High Dolls

What includes in this set

  • special rainbow salon sink
  • salon chair
  • 5 foam activator bottles
  • 5 foam powders
  • 1 hair glitter
  • 1 tint brush
  • 1 spoon
  • 1 bowl
  • 1 hairbrush

The doll is not included in the set

Release date & price for Rainbow High Salon

The price for such a set is not known yet. As for the release date, such a set will be available on Amazon in August 2020. We’ll give you a link for a pre-order this set soon.

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