Barbie and Chelsea Picnic Playset – 25 surprises included!

Barbie and Chelsea Picnic Playset where to buy

Meet the new, big Playset “Barbie and Chelsea Picnic”. This set is perfect as a gift for your daughter. There is everything to start playing, from two Barbie and Chelsea dolls to many accessories.

Barbie and Chelsea Picnic Playset price

Rather, get out on a picnic, because you have everything for this: a table and chairs, food and drinks, decorations and even 2 small pets.

Barbie and Chelsea Picnic Playset pre-order

By the way, two doggies have fun playing together, as well as with their owners. When you will have a picnic, do not forget to feed the pets, because they also want to eat. Pour them in a bowl of bones and they will be very happy.

Barbie and Chelsea Picnic Playset release date

Most likely the picnic is arranged in honor of the birthday, since Barbie has a surprise for Chelsea

Barbie and Chelsea Picnic Playset buy now


Packaging looks presentable. All accessories are inside, and dolls and pets are open!

Barbie and Chelsea Picnic Playset

Release Date:

The release date for this set is expected in mid-late summer 2020.


The official price has not yet been announced. Judging by other sets of this type, the price will be 29.99.

Where to Buy?

Once the release date is known, you can pre-order Amazon, Wolmart and Target.

Short Info:

Age: 3+
Gender: Female
Size: ----- inches
Regular price:~$29.99
Start of sales:Summer, 2020.
Where to Buy?Amazon, Walmart, Target
Item Weight 7.25 pounds

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