Full video review L.O.L. Surprise! Lights Glitter Sisters, Pets & OMG Neon Light Dolls. Unboxing new MGA toys

Of course it is no secret that the company MGA released a novelty in the world of LOL toys. In 2020, the company pleased its fans with a novelty – new toys in the series LOL Surprise Light Toy. This is a special series of toys that glow with a neon glow in the dark. Such toys became a real sensation in 2020.

In January, the company released a series of these toys:

Features LOL Neon OMG Dolls

  • 4 new and beautiful OMG dolls in this series
  • dolls glow in the dark neon light
  • new accessories
  • dolls have moving body parts
  • unique bags for each doll
  • unique packaging (the first picture changes color)
  • new surprises

Features LOL Surprise Lights Glitter Sisters

  • New packaging design
  • 8 surprises inside
  • new unique dolls in the collection
  • reveal black light surprises
  • all dolls can colour change
  • a special light for doll

Features LOL Surprise Lights Pets

  • 9 surprises inside
  • unusual animals
  • new ball color
  • new packaging design
  • new unique and very cute pets
  • new pet clubs
  • pets with hair

Important! Every set LOL Surprise series Light inside with a LOL toy you will find a special flashlight. To test your LOL toy, you just need to turn off the light and turn on the flashlight. A toy in the dark will begin to light with bright unusual neon lighting and the appearance of your toy will change.

Review & Unboxing L.O.L. Surprise! Lights OMG Dolls, Lights Glitter Sisters and LOL Lights Pets


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