LOL Surprise OMG Styling Head! 30 Surprises inside

Hello dear LOL fans,

Now, in the LOL surprise universe there is a stylish doll head that can be decorated and make up. There’s 30 surprises inside. There’s different steps to follow to get our accessories and style our doll.

There are 4 unpacking steps:

  1. Add mix & matching hair
  2. Style for endless fierce looks
  3. Accessorize hair for extra Glam
  4. Color Change makeover

Many ways to style!

Extension can be removed and applied differently to create unique hairstyles.

Color Change Features

Before beginning, cover the play area to prevent possible water damage.

Wrap an ice cube in a paper towel (not included) and rub the ice cube over the eyebrows, eyelids and lips.

To return it to its original color, wet a towel with warm water and apply over the areas.

Unboxing process.

First we need to remove the plastic retainer. Then you can open the doll. You will see a stylish head. She looks super cute.

The head stands on a pedestal that can rotate. It is very convenient when you do a hairstyle. Downstairs there is a special container. So we can store all our accessories.

  1. Opening the first step – you will find many sets of hair to create a “Party ready UPDO”. Each set of hair has its own structure and color. This way you can do different hairstyles.
  2. In the second step, you will find even more hair and accessories for styling. You have got six more extensions: two yellow, two orange and two pink. From the accessories you get: hair clips, little elastic band, another bigger clip, some rubber bands, comb, choker and earrings.
  3. The third step is coming soon.

At the moment, it is known about two heads of dolls that will soon be on sale: Neonlicious and Royal Bee.


Most likely this play set is out in the December-January month.


There is no official price information yet. But we think she will be in the region of $ 39.99

Short Info:

Manufacturer:LOL Surprise
Age: 3+
Gender: Female
Size: ----- inches
Price:~$ 34.99
Start of sales:~mid December, 2019
Where to Buy?Amazon, Target, Walmart

Unboxing video:

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