Lotta Looks Mix Rainbow Sugar Rush doll 20+ Pieces, 300 + combo combinaisons

If your child prefers variety and creativity in choosing toys, then she will definitely appreciate the unique series of toys from Barbie manufacturers Mattel. This company has released a series of dolls with a unique design and interesting features: combinations and mixing styles. It means, by acquiring one such doll, you will eventually be able to radically smash the style and appearance of your doll. How it works? In simple and easy, just use the accessories that come with the kit.

Features Lotta Looks doll from Mattel

  • Big size dolls
  • Variety of accessories
  • The doll can transform into an animal
  • Doll can change style and emotions.
  • Some elements of the doll are removable (for example, hands that would be more comfortable to wear clothes)
  • Unique outfits and accessories in the set

As you see when you buy only one doll for a child, it will never be bored, because each time you can again and again change the appearance and style of your doll radically and you will never get bored.

What is Lotta Looks Mix Rainbow Sugar Rush doll

This is a special set with a doll and many accessories to change & mix the image and style of the doll. Rainbow Sugar Rush doll – is an exclusive doll, firstly it can only be purchased at the Walmart store, and secondly, the well-known YouTube bloger CookieSwirlC took part to create image and style this doll. That’s why you can see her logo of YouTube channel on the packaging with a doll.

Do not know what images to choose for your doll? Then just turn the packaging over and on the back you will see 20 pictures with unique and diverse images for your doll. To make it convenient and easy to change images, install the stand which is also available in the kit. Install a doll on it and change images.

What images you can create:

  • image of a puppy (put the puppy’s ears on its head)
  • unicorn image (put on the horn and unicorn hair)
  • change the doll’s hairstyle using various decorations. Important! On the head of the doll there are three holes where it is easy to fix the accessory, change the position of the accessories using various holes.
  • change clothes and style of a doll (put on gloves, a dress or new shoes or glasses)

Important! We want to share advice that it would be easy and simple to change clothes on a doll, you need to remove doll hands. The hands of such a doll are removable.

  • Change emotions / mood. Perhaps Lotta Looks is the only one doll that can changes emotions. The doll has removable eyebrows, eyes and even lips. Thus, you can choose different expressions of emotions for your doll

Important!!! All accessories, items of clothing and jewelry for dolls of the series Lotta Looks perfectly combine and fit together. Thus, if you already have a doll in the series Lotta Looks you can exchange accessories from different sets, which will significantly increase the number of doll images and styles.

What included in Lotta Looks Rainbow Sugar Rush doll

  • one doll which called Rainbow Sugar Rush
  • glasses
  • clothes
  • gloves
  • decoration
  • removable jewelry
  • removable eyebrows
  • box with mysterious 7 surprises inside


The price of one set is about ~ 29:88 US dollars. You can buy Lotta Looks Rainbow Sugar Rush doll only in Walmart in December 12th, 2019. But in December 11th you can do pre-order.

Short Description:

Age: 5+
Gender: Female
Regular price:$ 29.88 and highter
Start of sales:December 12th, 2019
Where to Buy?Walmart only


Video unboxing Lotta Looks Rainbow Sugar Rush doll


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