Big set of Pop Pop Hair Surprise 20 Surprises: more surprises

Many girls like to braid their hair in braids and ponytails, decorating their native color with multi-colored strands. A huge set with 20 surprises Pop Pop Hair Surprise 20 Surprises will allow you to experiment with hairstyles and surprise classmates with a fashionable comb and stylish hairpins.

If a comb, a box and a pet-elastic for hair come in the usual Pop Pop Hair Surprise sets, then a box with 20 surprises will bring much more accessories and ideas for new looks.

Pop Pop Hair Surprise 20 Surprises

All accessories from the new set are packed in a colorful cardboard box.


What’s inside Ultra Hair Surprise 20 surprises

The box is much larger than the usual Pop Pop Hair Surprise.

Hidden in it:

  • Very stylish cat hair comb
  • Three round boxes with surprises
  • Three pet hair bands with long multi-colored strands of hair
  • Three hairpins in the form of pink bows
  • Three strands that can be woven into your hair
  • Six miniature rubber bands
  • Instruction manual
  • Book with ideas for possible hairstyles

At the same time, rubber bands can not only decorate children’s hair, but also be used as a toy for a pencil or pen.

All multi-colored strands of hair that come in a set on toys or in the form of additions can be washed and combed.

Opening all surprises is very interesting, because they hide under multi-colored locks of hair. And the found hairpins and elastic bands will become fashionable jewelry in pigtails and ponytails, tinkers and loose hair.

So fashionistas who watch their bow should like the new Pop Pop Hair Surprise 20 Surprises. You can just have time to order it and get it before Christmas 2019 and New Year 2020.

Release Date:

Released November 22, 2019. Now you can pre-order, like on Amazon in the USA.


Recommended retail price in the USA – $29,99



Manufacturer:Pop Pop Hair Surprise
Age: 5 - 8 years
Gender: Female
Size: 3 x 24 x 10 inches
Regular price: $29,99
Start of sales:November 22, 2019
Where to Buy?Amazon, Target, Walmart


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