Barbie Color Reveal 2 Series Dolls Surprise from Mattel + 7 surprise inside

barbie color reveal 2 series

Hello, Everyone!

We have a great news! In this year, 2020, Mattel decided release new unique dolls! These new series called: Barbie Color Reveal. These dolls looks like a surprise. That’s why you didn’t know what a doll you get. You get doll in tube. Inside a tube is a mysterious all-pink doll.During unpucking you will also receive different accessesories: skirt, shoes and wig. You need to dip doll in water. Then you can know what Barbie you get. You will need to put it all together. Then you can get a Barbie. Maybe you has already seen a first series of Barbie Color Reveal.

At now we present to you a second series of Barbie Color Reveal! The theme of this series is food. Each barbie is dressed a swimsuit with a picture of food. You can find: pizza, donuts, popcorn, tacos and ice-cream. Their wigs are bright and colorful Collect all of them! You can exchange their wig, skirt and shoes. Then you get another new doll.

In the tube you’ll find:

  • shoes;
  • a skirt;
  • a wig;
  • a heart-shaped sponge.


She has a red swimsuit and blue skirt with picture of pizza. She has a wig with white and blue color.

pizza barbie


She has a purple swimsuit and colorfull skirt with picture of tacos. She has a wig with red color.

tacos barbie


She has a white swimsuit and red skirt with picture of popcorn. She has a wig with blue color.

popcorn barbie


She has a blue swimsuit and pink skirt with picture of popcorn. She has a wig with violet color.

donuts barbie

Ice Cream

She has an orange swimsuit and white skirt with picture of popcorn. She has a wig with red and green color.

ice cream barbie

Release date?

The release date is not yet known. But we hope that the dolls will be released in early 2020. As soon as we receive official confirmation we will let you know.

Where to Buy?

All dolls of Barbie series are sold in the largest online stores, such as: Amazon, Volmart, Target and others.

Short Description:

Age: 3+
Gender: Female
Size: 9 * 4 * 30 cm (3.5 x 1.5 x 12 inches)
Start of sales:2020
Where to Buy?Amazon, Target, Walmart


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