Cotton Candy Cuties from ZURU: elastic, fragrant, with a toy!

Series 1 - Cotton Candy Cuties Pop

ZURU Cotton Candy Cuties are elastic, fluffy and flavored substances that will give you a charming surprise!

Cotton Candy Cuties

ZURU presents the Cotton Candy Cutis collection – thus staying in the trend of toys in the subject of mucus. This is a fun, fluffy look of mucus that has the ability to stretch up to 3000%!

Cotton Candy Cuties zuru buy

This addition to the 2019 series ZURU OOSH gives more than just a multisensory pleasure, because this fruity-scented slime also hides the collection Squishi (a broomstick toy, which slowly re-restores its shape when squeezed). There are also many of them in the collection, they are different.

Cotton Candy Cuties buy in usa

Cotton Candy Cuties can be infinitely formed and stretched, it will still keep its shape.

2 Cotton Candy Cuties Cotton Candy Cuties 1 Cotton Candy Cuties 3

Tear, wriggle the ball and make the jump, stretch as you want – this mass will be nothing!

Cotton Candy Cuties 5

Available in 4 bright and funny colors, all of them have delicious flavors!

New toys are offered with aromas of fruit and flowers: grapes, lemon, strawberries and watermelon, and much more.

Squishi and surprises are incredibly popular, so this line of toys combines several hits at once. It encourages creativity, self-expression and develops fine motor skills.

Short Description: Price. Where to buy?

  • Age: 6+.
  • Manufacturer: ZURU
  • Recommended price: $ 16.99
  • Where to buy: Amazon, Walmart, Toywiz


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