Pop Pop Hair Pets “Ultra Hair Surprise” 20+ Surprises inside

Toys of the series Pop Pop Hair Pets are not just toys, they are toys and at the same time important and necessary accessories for the child’s. Every girl will want such a set for herself.

What is Pop Pop Hair Pets?

  • Firstly, these are toys

All accessories in this kit are animal-like. Dogs, bunnies, cats and so on. Here you will find many cute and nice animals.

  • Secondly, these are accessories for girls

This set is both a toy and a set for hairstyles for girls. With this set, a girl can make many unique and fashionable hairstyles. In this set you will find a brush, elastic bands and hair clasps, as well as locks of multi-colored hair. In general, everything you need for a stylish and vibrant hairstyle.

What included in the set?

  • Ultra Pop Brush

In the set you will find a huge pet in the form of a cat. Very soft and sweet. The peculiarity of this pet is long multi-colored hair. But actually it’s not just a pet – it’s a brush. On the reverse side of this pet is a brush, so that the child could easily do a hairstyle.

  • 3 mini pop hair pet

If you open the brush you will find 3 mini pop hair pet inside. These are not just locks, curls, these are real bright locks of hair that you can add to your hair style. Thus, your hairstyle will be very bright and stylish. These hair is washable, wearable.

  • 3 hair clips

Three huge clips that will decorate any hairstyle and will surely please the girl

  • 3 mini pop rollers

This is another strand with hair of different colors. But unlike mini pop hair pet these strands has small and cute pets on curls. Thus, cute pets will look like hairpins in your hairstyle. In addition, such pets are perfect as jewelry for a pencil topper.

  • Look book carnet de mode

The kit also has lookbook. In this book you will find a lot of useful information. For example, information about the entire collection Pop Pop Hair Pets, as well as instructions with pictures how to correctly create a hairstyle and what variations of hairstyles can be created using this set.

  • 6 rubber bands
  • 3 clip-in extensions

Important! You can put all the accessories and jewelry in one place – inside the brush. Thus, your jewelry will be located in one place and you will never lose them. Very convenient, isn’t it

Release Date:

You can buy such a set right now. To do this, you need to follow the link to Amazon and place an order. Hurry the quantity of goods is limited


The price for such a set is $25.42. For this price you get a set and 20 surprises inside. Surprises can be used as toys or accessories for a child. Very comfortable and practical.


Manufacturer:Ultra Hair Surprise
Age: 3+
Gender: Female
Size: 3 x 24 x 10 inches (7.5 x 60 x 25 inches)
Regular price: $ 24.42
Start of sales:in Stock
Where to Buy?Amazon, Target, Walmart
Series:Ultra Hair Surprise

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