Barbie X Fisher Price Little People. 6 Playsets for youngest from 1 to 5 years

Barbie is launching a special line of toys called Little People. This is a special series of toys because it is intended for the smallest from 1 year to 5 years. Your baby will like such a gift and, most importantly, her parents can not worry about the health of the baby, because there are no small parts in the set.

There are 6 play sets in the Little People collection: small sets of the most dolls (the number of dolls in the set is different), a set with a car and dolls and the largest play set with a house and dolls.

Features Barbie Little People playsets

  • Little People dolls

Such dolls are safe for the smallest children as they do not have parts or small parts. There are several sets with dolls in the Little People line. Each set contains a different number of dolls from 2 to 7 pcs.

  • Various play sets

There are only 6 play sets in the collection. These are sets with dolls, a set with a car and two dolls, as well as a huge set with a house, furniture and dolls. Important! If you buy a set with a house, then sets with dolls that are sold separately will fit this set.

  • Songs, sounds and phrases

In the sets (house and car) it is possible to listen to sound effects. For example, in the car if you click on the doll, or skin in the house, you will flush the water in the toilet.

What is Barbie Fisher Price Little People Dreamhouse

It is a 3 floor fun house. The size of house is 61cm * 62cm. In such house you can:

  • open fridge
  • open door
  • slide bed
  • swing chair
  • slide into the pool for lights, songs, and phrases
  • 4 play points activate 45+ songs, sounds, and phrases

It is very fun and active playset

What is Barbie Fisher Price Little People convertible playset

This is a set which includes a bright very stylish convertible, as well as 2 small dolls. Convertible size 12cm * 18cm. Convertible set features:

  • Press for fun songs, sounds and phrases
  • Seats 2 figures (included) to “drive” pretend play

Price and Release date

At the moment, the manufacturer has not yet informed us about the price of the kits.

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