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Release LOL Surprise Furniture series 3. New LOL Dolls: Roller Sk8ter, Teacher’s Pet, Sleepy Bones, Boss Queen

Attention! Attention! To all fans LOL Surprise Dolls, in the near future there will be new items in the world LOL Surprise toys. We talk about the new LOL Surprise Furniture series, series number 3.

Features LOL Surprise Furniture S3

  • new dolls

There is a little information about this release of toys at the moment. But what we know for sure is the name of the dolls. There are 4 new dolls and 4 new houses respectively are waiting for you in this issue LOL Surprise Furniture series. Names of dolls: Roller Sk8ter, Teacher’s Pet, Sleepy Bones, Boss Queen.

  • new thema of the houses

Judging by their names (dolls), you can guess in what topics will be the houses from this series. For example Doll Teacher’s Pet will have  furniture and house in style Classroom at school.  Doll Sleepy Bones will have furniture and house in style Sleepover.

Doll Roller Sk8ter will have  furniture and house in style Roller Rink. Doll Boss Queen will have  furniture and house in style School Office. Very interesting topics for houses is not it? What doll and house style would you like to get for youself.

  • new surprises

Each doll is unique and will have its own accessories and surprises inside.

  • special box

In this set is important and especially everything. Starting from the doll and the surprises inside and ending with the box itself. Surely you know that the box from this set has one feature – it turns into a themed room. It means, the box with one movement of the hand turns into a special room, which is just as easy to assemble back. All that remains for you is to put the furniture in its place and that’s it, the dollhouse is ready.

Each set is different and at the same time special. All the furniture in the set matches the theme of the set, as do the dolls and her outfit and accessories.

Release Date LOL Surprise Furniture series 3

The exact date of starting sale of these sets is still unknown. Manufacturers suggest that the exit LOL Surprise Furniture series 3 will take place in the fall of 2020. But as practice shows, manufacturers always try to speed up the process of starting sales. Therefore, we can assume that LOL Surprise Furniture S3 will go on sale in late summer 2020.

As soon as we have the exact date for sales LOL Surprise Furniture S3 we will certainly let you know. There is also no information regarding the price for such a set. As soon as we have new information about these cute dolls and wonderful sets, we will provide it to you as well as the power to order such a set. Follow the news.

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