Poopsie Rainbow Makeup Surprises. 10+ Slime Surprises inside: eye shadow, lipstick + slime

We are glad to introduce you new Poopsie toys. Here are new Poopsie Rainbow Surprises series Makeup Surprises with 10+ Slime Surprises. The box looks like big ginormous lipsticks. In fact lipsticks up on top are different colors. So you can choose which you want. Inside such box you can find 10 slime surprises. On the box in lipstick form you will see fabulous little unicorn on the front. We’ve got a sun on the other side, it just says “collect the rainbow”. There’s no number inside of the rainbow.

How to create slime with Makeup Surprises

  • Makeup: Lip Gloss & eye shadow
  • Make slime
  • Add makeup & scent to slime

What awesome combination. There’s 15 plus to collect and of course you can use the makeup for yourself. Let’s see what kind of slime we have got.

Unboxing Poopsie Rainbow Makeup Surprises

  • Take off the lipstick
  • Get surprises
  • Find the inscription on the package “unroll here” and pull it
  • Unpack all the surprises
  • Get all the surprises out of the box
  • Make a slime
  • Add lipstick and shadow to the slime to make an interesting color
  • Using the insert sheet you can find out what kind of surprise you have

What is especially important and unusual in this release of Poopsie toys? Here are some key features of this series of toys.

Features Poopsie Makeup Surprises series Rainbow

  • Slimes

Undoubtedly, the main features of Poopsie toys have been continues preserved – slime production. As before, you will receive special powders, containers, and other important slime accessories in the kit.

Important! Observe the exact time and the correct proportions of water and powder to make your slime correct.

  • Makeup production

In this set you will find special children’s cosmetics: lipstich, eye shadow. This cosmetics is intended for use by children. In addition, you can add this makeup to your slime, since it will be completely white, so to add color to it, you need to mix it with lipstick, shadows and scented pearls.

  • Pleasant aroma

In order for your slime to have not only a pleasant appearance but also a charming aroma, you should unpack and even crush special droplets, which are called scented pearls. After you crush these drops with a spoon, you will get a special aroma for your slime.

  • Surprises

In the set you will find 10 surprises. You do not know what color or smell the lipstick, eye shadow, or how your unicorn in the set will look like. All gifts are a surprise.

Important. The lipstick tip from the packaging can be used as a container for making a slime, a container for carrying a slime or a keychain for your belongings.

What included in the kit?

  • Scented pearls
  • Spoon
  • Lip Gloss
  • Slime powders
  • Key ring slime
  • Slime container
  • Instruction + guide

There are 15 characters in this Poopsie series that you can collect. Let’s look to the guide and find out witch toys you can get in such sets.

Poopsie Rainbow Makeup Surprises 15 characters

Running wilds

  • Monkeyin around (monkey)
  • Rockin fox (fox)
  • Ice, ice Birdie (penguin)
  • Bamboozled (panda)
  • Chasin Dreams (cheetah)


  • alligator
  • unicorn
  • sun
  • pineapple
  • stormy cloudy
  • rose
  • dragon
  • cute cat
  • and 3 some pretty awesome ones toys

Release Date & Price:

The price of such a set is not yet known. As well as the release date for sale. Most likely to purchase such sets from Poopsie you can closer to the New Year, i.e. at the end of December 2019. Follow the news on our website as soon as information appears regarding the release date and the exact price for the current set we will inform you.

Short Info:

Age: 6+
Gender: Female
Regular price:unknown
Start of sales:the end December, 2019
Where to Buy?Amazon, Target, Walmart


Unboxing Poopsie Slime Rainbow toys video. Series Makeup Surprises


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