Na! Na! Na! Surprise Series 2 – 6 new dolls!

Meet the updated Na Na Na! Surprise dolls – Series 2. MGA Entertainment conquers the hearts of all the girls in the world by producing such cool and amazing dolls.

New Na Na Na Series 2 dolls for 2020 been revealed

In the second series, you can collect 6 brand new dolls, among which there is also one boy! In the first series it was a tiger, in the second – a puppy. The rabbit girl in the first series was pink, and here – blue. Well, Kitties and mice were not there.

In the second wave, new charming characters with animals will appear. If the rabbit girl in the first series was pink, then here it is blue. There were no cats and mice in the first series, and in the second – we can get them.

Na Na Na Surprise Series 2 – Detailed Review:

Each plush doll of the new series pleases with bright details, beautiful outfits and big eyes painted on fabric.

As you can see, the new rabbit girl is dressed in a cute, very cozy blue suit. Her name is Aspen Fluff. Also in the second series there will appear such characters as a mouse, two cats, a puppy and others.

Let’s take a look at the new dolls:

Na Na Na Surprise series 2 Pink kitty Katherine Whiskers
Pink kitty Katherine Whiskers
Na Na Na Surprise series 2 Michael Manchester
Michael Manchester puppy boy – in a green suit
Na Na Na Surprise series 2 Misha Mouse
White mouse Misha Mouse – a charming girl in a floral dress
Na Na Na Surprise series 2 Tuesday Meow
Black Cat Tuesday Meow

Character Names Na Na Na Surprise Series 2:

  • Katherine Whiskers – Kitty in a pink hat
  • Michael Manchester – Boy in a Doggie Hat
  • Nina Nanners – Baby in a pink hat
  • Aspen Fluff – Bunny in a blue hat with ears
  • Misha Mouse – Mouse in White
  • Tuesday Meow – Black Cat

Release Date:

The exact release date is not yet known. We are still waiting for the news. As soon as we find out the date, we will immediately inform you.


We expect that the price of the second series will be the same as the first, and this is $ 19.99

Where to Buy?

As soon as we find out more information about the release date of new dolls, we will publish links to stores where you can buy them.

Short Info:

Age: 7 +
Gender: Female
Size: 4.5 x 6.5 x 9 inches
Regular price: $ 19.99
Start of sales:~February1, 2019
Where to Buy?Amazon, Walmart, Target
Item Weight 9.4 ounces

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