LOL Surprise #HairVibes β€” 15 surprises inside β€” Change my HairStyle!

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MGA introduced the new LOL Surprise – HairVibes. This is an amazing toy that includes 15 surprises inside. LOL Surprise HairVibes are the biggest surprise bag ball ever. This is gonna be awesome. Each one of them has 15 surprises on the inside. The new series offers 12 dolls, among which one of the boy. This collection is gonna be so outrageously cool.

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The main feature of the new Hair Vibes series is the ability to change hairstyles in one second. All wigs are suitable to the other dolls. They can be mixed and combined.

It’s like the size of like an ostrich egg.

LOL Surprise HairVibes where to buy
Look at the size comparison

Look at the size comparison: this isn’t LOL surprise Glitter Globe. Look at how small it is in comparison to these big new LOL Hair Vibes.

LOL Surprise #HairVibes What’s Inside ?.

Let’s check them out and see what they’re about.

The first level of unpacking and we get a secret message: party + turn + hair.

We’ve got two girls right here it says “change my husband”. On open it up and whole bunch of surprises right on the
top of ball.

  • Let’s start opening the surprise blind bags:
  • we’ve got pink hair with a bow
  • a little outfit – that looks like you would fit a regular size lol
  • golden hair bow
  • half hair split in half
  • tiny little shoes – those match the outfit perfectly
  • little hair bow comb
  • little sippy bottle
  • golden microphone
  • Amazing doll LOL Surprise HairVibes.
  • In an additional case you will find amazing wigs with colorful hair.
  • And then of course we’ve got our little zipper which becomes a little handle. If you snap it on the fall then you can take the ball with you and then it becomes like a little portable purse or carrying case

HairVibes doll – She actually has a real hair in the front and look at boom. It’s two-toned color. She’s wearing this really cool.Β  Blue body suit and those earrings girl she is so cool. She looks like a cotton candy princess or something because of these beautiful pastel colors the purple the pink the cream it’s gorgeous with the gold and we can put the little comb in her hair or style her hair she’s got her microphone.

In addition, all dolls in this series can have their own bangs and change color in water.

LOL Surprise Hairvibes checklist:

LOL Surprise Hairvibes checklist
Hairvibes checklist
  • The Glitteraty: Disco Queen, Supreme Queen
  • Opposites Club: Jelly Jam, Peanut Buttah
  • Glee Club: Supa Star
  • Glam Club: Darling, Masquerade
  • Retro Club: Da Fresh, Rhymes
  • Athletic Club: Glow Grrrl, BlackBelt
  • Swim Club: Scuba Babe

LOL Surprise HairVibes price

Release date:

We are pleased to inform you that these dolls are expected in 2019. Available at major retailers in early december.

LOL Surprise Hairvibes release date and price


The official price for one doll is – $ 15.99

Where to buy and pre-order?

As reported above. HairVibes doll will begin to be on sale on December 1, 2019. A week before, you can make a pre-order. You can buy a doll in all major online and offline stores: Amazon, Target, Walmart.

Short Info:

Manufacturer:LOL Surprise
Age: 3+
Gender: Female
Size: ----- inches
Price:$ 15.99
Start of sales:Early December, 2019
Where to Buy?Amazon, Target, Walmart


More pictures of other dolls and styles:

LOL Surprise Hairvibes buy on amazon target

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