L.O.L Surprise Sparkle – New in the LOL World – Summer 2019!

L.O.L Surprise Sparkle where to buy

A brilliant dream come true – these are beautiful L.O.L Surprise Sparkle dolls!

A new series of brilliant dolls is ready for the start of sales, which will come June 28, 2019.

Now, they are not only super cute, but they also shine from head to toe. More shine on each doll! Practically everything sparkles in these dolls, starting with the hair and ending with clothes and even shoes!

Full list of dolls of the first wave L.O.L Surprise Sparkle

In the first wave 12 new dolls are presented, which you can collect. All 12 dolls sparkle and shine, they are so beautiful! Let’s look at them all

Full list of dolls of the first wave L.O.L Surprise Sparkle

:Here is their complete list and photos of all the new products

L.O.L Surprise Sparkle all doll buy in usa amazon

  • Independent queen
  • Boss queen
  • Dusk
  • Dawn
  • Showbaby
  • Unicorn
  • Pharaoh babe
  • Go-go girl
  • Punk boi
  • Snuggle babe
  • V.R.Q.T. (V.R.Q.T is one of the most popular L.O.L dolls of the third series. Then she had pink hair with silver strands. She is a gamer and wears V.R. glasses with pixel hearts)
  • Glamstronaut

More Photo:

L.O.L Surprise Sparkle Doll Unicorn buy
Unicorn Doll
L.O.L Surprise Sparkle Doll Go-go girl buy
Go-go girl
L.O.L Surprise Sparkle Doll Glamstronaut buy
L.O.L Surprise Sparkle Comparison of dolls from the previous series
Comparison of dolls from the previous series

L.O.L Surprise Sparkle all doll L.O.L Surprise Sparkle

7 surprises!

Opening the purple ball you will expect 7 amazing surprises! Each of the dolls will have its own characteristics. Some of them can change color when placed in warm / cold water.

  • 1 X LOL Sparkle Doll
  • Secret message
  • Cute collectible stickers
  • Bottle
  • Fashion outfit
  • Cute shiny shoes
  • Accessory surprise

The ball will have the same design as the “Bling series.” It will be half transparent and can be hung on a Christmas tree, backpack, etc. The ball itself will look like this.L.O.L Surprise Sparkle buy in USA price

L.O.L Surprise Sparkle ball


Short Description: Price. Where to buy?

  • Age: 3+.
  • Manufacturer: MGA
  • Gender: Unisex
  • Size: 9.5 х 9.5 х 10 cm
  • Recommended price: $ 9,99
  • Official Release Date: June 28, 2019
  • Where to buy: Amazon, Target, Walmart
  • On 12 pieces in a dispenser.
  • Code: 560296

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