New Kitten Catfe Purrista Girls 2 series. Reveal & Dissolve surprise in cold water

Friends! Today we have a charming set of toys for you. Introducing 2 series of toys in the series Kitten Catfe Purrista Girls. Now there are more charming cats and surprises are even more interesting. In this set you will find a kitten-doll, accessories for it, a tea bag with mystery and even a surprise for yourself. Are you ready to start?

What is Kitten Catfe Purrista Girls?

Kitten Catfe Purrista Girls – is a surprise kit, especially such a kit will like all kitten lovers. In the set you will find a very cute kitty, all in the collection there are 4 new cats. What kitten will you get in the set is unknown. We must say that the hair of such a kitten is removable, so you can change her hairstyles. This kitty has a number of accessories in the kit: shoes, clothes and a bag.

Features Kitten Catfe Purrista Girls 2 series?

As for the appearance of the package, the 2nd series is very similar to the 1st series visually. But still there are differences and they are very important. Series 2 Kitten Purrista Girls are new characters, new accessories and pleasant surprises.

  • Kitten Purrista Girls

In the second series you will find 4 new Purrista dolls. Each kitty is look like, very stylish and cute. In addition, if you wish, you can remove her hairstyle and her appearance to change.

  • Accessories

Each kitty wants to be stylish and attractive. Outfits and accessories that you will find inside the kit will help her in this. Interesting outfits, stylish bags and fashionable shoes further change the look of your kitty.

  • Guide

A guide in the form of a glass with a cocktail will provide all the information about the doll that you got.

  • Meowble kittens

Another feature of this kit is – meowble kittens. What is it? This is a surprise toy. To find out which kittens will you get. How to do it? Pour into a glass of water, take a tea bag with surprises inside and start to lower it into water and twitch much like a real tea bag. A few seconds and your package will turn into nice meowble kittens.

  • Food-Grade Cup

You can use a surprise cup for personal use, as this multi-rose cup for food is perfect for cold drinks. If you turn the roof off the glass, it will be a great bed for your kitty

Release Date

Such a set went on sale in March 2020. You can buy it right now on the Amazon marketplace. At the moment, the goods are not in stock, but you can pre-order and as soon as the toy appears in stock you will be immediately informed.


One set Kitten Purrista Girls costs $ 11: 99. For this price you will receive many positive emotions and joy of your child. Hurry to get the kit and make your child happy.

Short info

Manufacturer:Purrista Girls
Age: 6+
Gender: Female
Size: 8 x 5.5 x 12.5 cm (3.2 x 3.5 x 5 inches)
Regular price: $ 11.99
Start of sales:In stock
Where to Buy?Amazon, Target, Walmart



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