Interactive toy FurReal Friends Kami feed kitty

Many kids really like the interactive kitty Hasbro FurReal Friends. In this series of soft toys, there are several options for furry friends for girls and boys, and the mustache from the FurReal Friends collection “feed the kitty” named Kami can be a great gift for Christmas 2019 or New Year 2020.

Kami – a kitten on a leash. He loves a tasty meal, and he also knows how to really poop.

FurReal Friends feed the kitty

Fluffy Kami is friends with a puppy Pax from the same series of interactive pets Hasbro FurReal Friends. Like Pax, Kami loves food and the toilet. The toy is an exclusive of the American Amazon. The FurReal Friends Kami My Poopin Kitty game kit is sold in two packaging versions: standard (beautiful, gift) and the usual brown box without pictures (frustration-free packaging).

FurReal Friends Kami kitty: unpacking

The frustration-free packaging toy in simple Amazonian packaging is easy to unpack. Two packages are not attached to anything in the box: in one there is a leash for an interactive mustache, and in the other the kitty himself with food and instructions for it.

The instruction is the simplest. It is clearly explained how to feed a pet so that he goes to the toilet. The kitty is pooping for eating.

There are no batteries in the toy initially. You need to insert them yourself. To do this, you need a screwdriver and two AAA batteries. The lid on the “belly” with the wheel is untwisted, two batteries are inserted inside.

When the bolt is screwed into place, the toy comes to life. FurReal Friends feed the kitty Kami begins to purr and make various “cat” sounds.

Interactive pet food is packed in a separate transparent bag with the inscription FurReal so as not to get confused.

Cat food is very similar to real. But it is made of plastic.

There are no additional buttons on the toy. The kitty makes sounds when you feed it, stroke it and pay attention to it. If you remove the toy on a shelf and not play with it, the fluffy mustache will calm down and be silent.

To make a pet perform its main function (eat and poop), you need a leash. He is in this set of lilac color and consists of two halves. They should be connected and fixed on the back of the head of the toy.

With the leash of a whisker you can “walk”. Also, a leash can “seat” an interactive pet in a pose for the toilet. As soon as the baby “sat down”, he immediately poops if you feed him in advance.

Feeding is also very easy. You need to put a piece of feed in the pet’s mouth and push it into the throat with your finger.

Now it remains to wait a second, and you can go for a walk so that the baby poop.

The toy, by the way, doesn’t quite know how to “walk”. The blue-eyed fluffy has a wheel between the front legs that rolls, creating the effect of “walking”. But the paws themselves do not move.

The hair of the pet is very soft and delicate to the touch. And in general, the toy FurReal Friends feed the kitty is cool. But it’s better to follow the pieces of food. They are easily lost during the game.


  • pet
  • 2-part detachable leash
  • 9 treats
  • cleanup bag
  • instructions

Not included

2 x 1.5V AAA alkaline batteries required


  • plastic
  • nylon
  • metal

Release Date:

Released September 1, 2019. Now you can buy, like on Amazon in the USA.


Recommended retail price in the USA – $17,49


Age: 4 years and up
Gender: Female and Male
Size: 5.6 x 7.6 x 14.1 inches
Regular price: $17.49
Start of sales:September 1, 2019
Where to Buy?Amazon, Target, Walmart


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