L.O.L Surprise OMG Winter Disco Crystal Star doll. Release

Today we have an unusual toy and a real gift for fans LOL Surprise. This is an unusual, but mega luxurious and amazing doll LOL OMG called Crystal Star doll. This is the first collector edition LOL OMG dolls.

What does the doll looks like

Crystal Star – luxurious doll. This is an Ice Queen doll. On the head like every queen Crystal Star has a tiara in the form of crystals of ice. The clothes are silver colored dolls with spikes on their trousers, as if they were ice crystal. The silver color of the clothes resembles the color of snow and ice rocks. The doll has two crystals on its face, like two tears. Luxurious light pink hair makes the doll very attractive.

We must say that the doll’s outfit is removable, you can remove the skirt and then the doll will remain in a special silver jumpsuit. It is also looks amazing. Dressed the skirt back easily, with just one movement of the hand. It is also we must say that the skirt on the other side made with hundreds of sparkles gives the impression that it is hundreds of ice crystals.

Features Crystal Star doll

  • Doll appearance

Amazing doll

  • Light up doll stand

Winter themes are everywhere. In clothes, accessories and even in packaging. The stand on which the doll Crystal Star stands is unusual. Just click on one of the crystals (the button to turn it on) on the stand became to light up a pleasant blue color. Place the doll on top and it will receive new sanctification.

Want to know more about Crystal Star? When will the release of this doll take place? Where can you buy a doll Crystal Star? How much cost the doll Crystal Star? And much more you can find in the article here.


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