Rainbow High Hair Studio 5 in 1 Playset & Amaya Raine exclusive Rainbow High doll

Earlier we already reported about the start of sales of a new serie Rainbow High Dolls. In the new series you will find even more beautiful and amazing dolls. There are 5 dolls in the new collection. But today we will tell about an amazing, exclusive doll from this collection, her name is Amaya Raine.

Exclusive Amaya Raine Rainbow High Doll

This doll is truly unique. You will understand this as soon as you see her. You have not seen such long and nice hair anywhere else. The doll itself is very stylish and fashionable. Long black boots, a white skirt and an incredible jacket look very stylish. In addition, the body parts of this doll are mobile (arms, legs, head).

But this is certainly not the most important thing, the most amazing thing is her hair. Long platinum colored hair will allow your child to be creative with the choice of hairstyles and styles. Your child will be able to do an incredible number of new looks for this doll.

And Rainbow High Hair Studio Playset will help your kid. In this set you will find many special accessories and add-ons that will transform Amaya Raine Doll.

New Rainbow High Hair Studio Playset

As you probably already guessed, the exclusive doll will be sold in an exclusive set. Such a set is called Rainbow High Hair Studio 5 in 1. What is special about it? In this set, you can buy doll and important accessories for her transformation, with which you can change her style and appearance every time.

The set contains special hair color creams that are easy to apply to the hair Amaya Raine. Also here you will find special glitter gel and ombre hair chalk. It is easy to apply paints, then you need to crush them and hang your hair carefully. That’s it, your doll is ready for new experiments. Any girl will surely love this set. Have fun, experiment, create and transform and all this with the set Rainbow High Hair Studio Playset.

Important! We would like to give you one important piece of advice. As soon as you want to apply color to your doll hair (for the first time) you need to wash your doll hair. Since there is a gel on the hair, it will be difficult to apply color creams. Blow out hair and hang it down. Now you can apply paints, glitters and do an omber hairstyle

What included in playset

  • fashion Amaya Raine doll
  • outfit for her
  • pair of boots
  • pair of earrings
  • 4 hair color creams
  • glitter hair gel
  • ombre hair chalk
  • hair brush
  • 5 hairpins
  • doll stand

Where to Buy & Release date new playset

You will be able to buy such a set and an exclusive doll Amaya Raine in August 2020. As soon as the manufacturer makes the possibility of pre-ordering, we will immediately give link for you to make an order

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