Winter disco LOL Surprise #OOTD outfit of the day 25+ surprises series 2

We are pleased to introduce the second series LOL Surprise #OOTD (outfit of the day). LOL Surprise #OOTD – is just a huge set LOL Surprise. In this set, the child expects more than 25 surprises inside. In fact, this is the set in which the LOL doll is located in the first place, and most importantly a large number of accessories for the doll itself. Almost every day, you can change the appearance and style of your doll. Interesting, isn’t it?

Feature LOL Surprise #OOTD

Such a set is unique in itself. Today, the company MGA Entertainment has released only the second such set. What is the feature of this set:

  • Doll

In the set you are sure to find 1 doll. The doll will not be a surprise because you know exactly which doll you will get by simply looking at the packaging. Specifically, in this set you will get a doll called Snow Jamz . Snow Jamz is a cute and stylish mulatto doll with huge brown eyes and bright purple hair, which are gathered in buns on the head. What feature does your doll have, you will notice after experience.

  • Accessories

The number of accessories that are placed in this set you will no longer meet in any products LOL Surprise. In this set you will find as many as 25 surprises. It has everything and even more. You will find many sets of clothes, several pairs of shoes, a handbag, a bottle, a cup, hats and even a swimsuit. With this set you can regularly change the appearance, style of your doll. Every day you can use something new and stylish in the look of your doll.

  • Packaging

The packaging in this set is also special. Round, large box with numbering action. Each surprise here is clearly pierced in the order of its unpacking. For example, first of all, it is worth printing a cell at number 1, here you will find the main surprise – a doll. At number 2 you will find a cup, at number 3 a dress for a doll and so on. There are 25 cells where 25 surprises are placed. Unpack each in the order of your turn. To keep the intrigue to the last

What included in the set?

L.O.L. Surprise! #OOTD (Outfit of The Day) Winter Disco 25+ Surprises buy it now

  • 1 * doll
  • 1 * dress
  • 1 * handbag
  • 1 * swimsuit
  • 1 * skirt
  • 1 * pants
  • 1 * hats
  • 1 * sweater
  • 1 * glasses
  • 1 * topic
  • much more

Each set of clothes is unique and very stylish. The appearance of your doll will change dramatically. Starting from a swimsuit and ending with a great set of warm trousers.


At the moment, the exact price for such a set is not yet known. But most likely the price will be about $29,99 (£29.99 in UK)

Release date:

At the moment, the manufacturer has not yet announced the exact release date of these sets on the market for children’s toys. But since this is a set from series Winter Disco then most likely you will be able to purchase LOL Surprise #OOTD somewhere in December during the New Year holidays period.


Age: 3+
Gender: Female
Size: 35 cm x 6 cm x 30 cm (14.1 x 2.2 x 12 inches)
Regular price: $ 24.99 (USA)
£29.99 (UK)
Start of sales:~October 4, 2019 (USA)
November 4, 2019 (UK)
Where to Buy?Amazon, Target, Walmart

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