New calendar from MGA “What’S in My Purse Surprise Thought of The Day” 24 surprises

Today we’ve got 24 surprises in another one of these a little calendar countdowns “what’s in my purse surprise”. Do you want to know what’s inside? Put it down, flip it around and find the little surprise doors. Open it and you will find different surprises inside. Here you can find little puzzle, erasers, markers for school, charm bracelets or even little lipgloss.

All right starting with door number one. Here we go. It’s like a little daydream bubble. Here’s our surprise, a little lip gloss. It says murmasing, it’s like a little lip gloss that a mermaid would love open. It’s just like on a ring, so your lip gloss is always on your finger. It is amazing.

Door number 2 got a charm bracelet. We’re just so perfect to go with the lip gloss since it is a little mermaid tail. That’s a really nice size charm tubes on a very very stretchy gummy cord that you could easily just wear on your wrist. Teeny tiny door and we have an eraser it is a puzzle erasers.

It looks like a go-with-the-flow little soda but you can actually take it apart. We can take the straw out and we can actually pop the lid of the soda or you can actually hide things in there. Totally hide things in there and then just put it right back together. How fun is that. Door number 4 and you have got a checklist in here and the surprise. At the checklist always shows all the different possibilities so you won’t get all of these surprises but we’ll get a combo mix of them. This is so cute.

Door number 5 and you will have marker for school. Door 6 and you will have another charm bracelets. It’s a cute little kitty. Door number 6 you will find more lip gloss, on this one’s got a unicorn on it. It’s a bright bubbly gum pink and that one actually smells like a fruit. Behind each next door you will find many interesting and exciting surprises inside.



Feature set “What’s in My Purse Surprise Thought of The Day”

  • New

This set is a novelty; its release is planned for the Christmas holidays.

  • Variety of surprises

Perhaps this is a set with a wide variety of surprises. Here you will find surprises for make-up, school supplies (markers), beauty accessories (bracelets), as well as surprises – puzzles.

  • Interest

Opening every door is very interesting and exciting. In addition, you do not know exactly what gift is inside, because the colors, smells and aromas of surprises may vary in different sets.

What included in set

  • 12 puzzle erasers
  • 4 Lip gloss rings
  • 4 charm bracelets
  • 3 mood markers
  • 1 Lip gloss


This set will be a great gift for the Christmas holidays. You can buy such a set only in December. On Amazon this item will be released on December 1st, 2019. It will cost $55:98 for one set. But now you can make a pre-order. Hurry to get a unique gift for your child on New Year and Christmas holidays 🙂

Short Description:

Age: 5+
Gender: Female
Size: 6 x 35 x 30 cm (2.5 x 14 x 12 inches)
Regular price:$ 55.98 and highter
Start of sales:December 2019
Where to Buy?Amazon, Walmart
Series:"What’S in My Purse Surprise Thought of The Day"


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