Barbie Pupee Career Dolls 2022: Baker, Veterinarian and Ballerina doll sets

Get ready to play in style! Barbie doll is an incredible experience because it is 70 cm tall! There are three types to choose from. Pupee dolls. New dolls are sold in separate sets with all the necessary accessories, depending on the theme. The appearance of these dolls is as always impeccable.

Features Barbie Pupee Career doll “Baker”

This slender blonde with blue eyes and an interesting outfit. On the T-shirt there is an inscription sweet and on the apple there is a print with cakes. The set includes a doll and accessories:

  • spoons
  • cups
  • dishes
  • cake
  • napkins

Features Barbie Pupee Career doll “Veterinarian”

Very cute doll with a beautiful outfit. Just look at this dress with a bright print of dogs and their paws. There will also be a bright pink jacket like a real doctor. The set includes a doll and accessories.

  • bottle
  • stetocom
  • patient record book
  • and other accessories

Features Barbie Pupee Career doll “Ballerina”

This is a doll with hairstyle. She has a very bright smile and blue eyes. Her outfit matches the theme of the ballerina. The doll set also includes:

  • combing
  • ballerina shoes
  • towel
  • and other accessories

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