Shopkins Happy Places Royal Trends with Tiara Sparkles doll, car and picnic accessories

Today we happy to show you new Shopkins series which call Happy Place Royal Trends. Royal Trends – is a new series of toys by the Shopkins brand. This set is unique and will appeal to any girl. The set is very cute and nice.

The main motto of the Shopkins Happy Places:

Decorate your place with a cute LiL Face

What included in the Shopkins Happy Places Royal Trends?

In the set is a machine, a doll and many accessories for going to a picnic. The first thing that catches the eye in such a set is a car. The car has a golden color with pink accents, look likes very nice and of course in the girls style.

Where to buy Shopkins Happy Places Royal Trends


The car from this set of brand convertible. The cabriolet is the favorite car of any girl, including Shopkins. Bright appearance is not the only plus of such a car. This car is very practical, the hood and trunk of the car are opened, so you can put everything you need there for a great rest and picnic. In addition, there is enough space in the car for 4 Shopkins dolls. Gather a collection of dolls, Shopkins, and arrange real trips and walks of dolls. The car is very stylish and detailed, in the trunk you will even find a spare tire. The door of car open also.

Another important element of the set is the doll. This cute, beautiful princess with a crown on her head is called Tiara Sparkles. One of the main features of Tiara is her dress. A long ball gown in case of an important event in the kingdom at the moment turns into a stylish and most importantly comfortable day dress. Only one movement of the hand, you can take off one part of the skirt and the dress will be much shorter. In this dress it is convenient to go on walks and trips in the most beautiful and stylish car of the kingdom – a convertible.

Tiara has easy pop skirt. You can choose from daytime dress to glitter princes

Price Shopkins Happy Places Royal Trends

In addition to the dolls and cars in this set you will find many other interesting surprises. Recall Happy Places Royal Trends this is a picnic set, so it is not strange that you will find many interesting accessories for a picnic. For example:

  • spare tire in case the road is problematic and dangerous
  • of course, a basket for products. In this basket you can put all the products for a picnic.
  • special cup
  • сar keys
  • toast
  • candy box
  • other picnic accessories

Store your Petkin accessories inside the Royal Convertible.

Review Shopkins Happy Places Royal Trends

This set will develop the aesthetic taste of your child, and of course the imagination. Buy other Shopkins sets and create your own unique Shopkins land.

Release date & Pre-Order:

If you want to buy one of these amazing Shopkin set for yourself, you can do it, because this set is available on August 1st, 2019


The price of the new Shopkins Places Royal Trends is about $ 19.99

Short Description: Where to Buy?

Age: 4+
Gender: Female
Size: 11 x 30 x 4 cm (4.5 x 11.8 x 3.9 inches)
Regular price: $ 19.99
Start of sales:August 1st, 2019
Where to Buy?Amazon, Target, Walmart

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